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CMA Awards plan to honor Charley Pride

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“Guitar” by halseike is licensed with CC BY 2.0.

It was recently announced that the Country Music Association will be giving Dallas resident Charley Pride a Willie Nelson Lifetime Achievement Award soon. Pride is one of the greats of country music, so it’s no surprise that he’s receiving the same award given to Willie Nelson and Dolly Parton. We’re excited to see this Dallas artist be honored, as he definitely is deserving of it and it brings even more renown to our great city.

Pride’s history

Charley Pride is known as “the Jackie Robinson of country music.” As a black man, he came onto the country music scene in the mid-1900s – a time when there was virtually no diversity in his genre. His music was so great that it allowed him to break into the country music scene, overcoming the difficult adversity at the time that was a person of color trying to get into an overwhelmingly white field. According to Dallas News, Pride is still the only black person to win the Country Music Association’s Entertainer of the Year award. He received his all the way back in 1971. In 1975, he became the first black person to host the CMA Awards1. In 2000, Pride was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame2.

Though Charley Pride’s music is no doubt his largest success, he has led a very interesting life. Born in 1934, Pride went on to become a professional baseball player in the Negro American League. During that time, he played for the Memphis Red Sox. After that, Pride was drafted into the US Army, where he was stationed in Colorado. He ended up playing for his fort’s baseball team during his service, even sending them to the Army’s baseball championship4.

Pride managed to keep working towards his country music career during this entire time, recording songs and meeting folks in the music business. Once he finally had a song take off, Pride had a short performing career before joining up and becoming the first black member of the Grand Ol Opry5. From there, Charlie Pride’s career boomed. He released several songs and performed all over, leading to where he is now.

An inspiration to others

Dallas’s Pride has been an inspiration for many current African American country music artists, including other CMA award-winning Darius Rucker – who will be just the second black person to host the upcoming CMA awards. Pride’s career of overcoming racism serves as an inspiration for anyone wanting to overcome adversity because of the color of their skin. Even though he’s released some amazing country music, Pride is equally known for his hard work to get into the scene. We look forward to watching these next Country Music Association Awards next week, and can’t wait to see the talented Charlie Pride receive his well-deserved Willie Nelson Lifetime Achievement award.

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DFW Schools

Bond package passes for Dallas ISD

school hallway dallas isd schools
“nostalgic school corridor” by Nao Iizuka is licensed with CC BY 2.0.

In recent Dallas schools’ news, voters have elected to pass a large bond package that will allow the Dallas Independent School District to invest large amounts of money into the areas that need it most. While not everything passed in this November 3rd election package, many of the most important parts still did.

According to Dallas-Fort Worth’s local CBS news source1, the package was broken down into multiple different propositions. Its parts were broken down into different primary categories, ranging from letters A to E. The propositions will affect all Dallas ISD schools, including the cities of Carrolton, Garland, Grand Prairie, Highland Park, and Mesquite that we service.

The biggest propositions

Proposition A was the largest chunk of money to be voted on. A around 3.2 billion, it focused on the Dallas ISD’s physical infrastructure. This part of the package included funds that will be used to upgrade and clean up current buildings in the district and another portion that will go to new replacement schools. After years of watching these schools be ran-down and overcrowded, we’re excited to announce that Proposition A did pass. We hope that this part provides greater spaces for Dallas ISD’s students to succeed in.

Proposition B was focused on getting the school district better technology. In COVID times, when Zoom meetings and online classes and homework are becoming more and more prevalent, this has become increasingly important. If students don’t have access to technology that properly allows them to learn in these times, there’s a significantly smaller chance that they will be able to keep up. Dallas has been ranked as the sixth in the country for most families without internet access. This new proposition will allow the district to help those families out that might not be able to afford internet access for their children. Already, the school has helped to provide mobile Wi-Fi hotspots for about 33,000 families in need. Though incredibly important, this proposition only used a much smaller portion of the bond package, estimated at about $270 million2. Fortunately, it passed as well in the November 3rd election.

Other parts to the plan

Proposition C would go towards stadium renovations and sports equipment for Dallas ISD. So far, the school district’s stadiums and athletic areas have struggled to keep up with the growing number of students without any proper funding to expand their programs or areas. Due to the pandemic, sports have taken a little bit of a backseat when it comes to educational programs. This proposition ended up not passing.

The other two propositions were both geared towards developing new facilities for Dallas area schools. Proposition D would build a brand new performing arts center to promote theater, music programs, and visual arts. Proposition E would allocate funds for renovating the school district’s competitive swimming pools and upgrading their equipment. Both would have been interesting to see in fruition, but neither of these propositions ended up passing the vote.

Though none of the extracurricular programs received the funding they were looking for in this bond package, we are overjoyed that propositions A and B passed. We look forward to seeing better buildings for Dallas ISD students, better technology, and Wi-Fi access for those who need it most.

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TCU Fall Semester Sees COVID Challenges

Staff at Texas Christian University have made a call for better COVID safety-precautions to be put in place by the school’s leadership. The school recently began its Fall 2020 semester in August and saw a sharp uptick in the number of cases, with over 400 new ones reported at the beginning of September.

Members of the staff reached out to school officials to see about minimizing the number of physical classes being held to shorten the overall spread of the seemingly uncontrollable virus. Though several members of the faculty are pushing for this change, it appears that the primary group pushing for change is TCU’s chapter of the American Association of University Professors.

The school’s chancellor, Victor Boschini, defended actions being taken by the university’s leadership. Boschini states that the CDC’s guidelines are being followed by the school, but students themselves have to be more mindful first.

Presently, the school’s start to the football season has been pushed back as well due to concerns about COVID.

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DFW Dining

Café Momentum has plans to go national with its program

chef in kitchen dallas dining
“2006 September – Chef de parti – Shoot” by jenschapter3 is licensed with CC BY 2.0.

The award winning Café Momentum has announced that they have plans to bring their restaurants to more cities across the US, according to Eater Dallas1. The innovative restaurant is known for its modern American food and, even more so, its program that allows recently released members of the juvenile justice system the opportunity to learn and work in the establishment.

Founder and Head Chef Chad Hauser

Café Momentum has made a huge difference in Dallas so far. Executive Chef and CEO, Chad Houser, founded the restaurant with the goal of making a change in the community by educating young people who wouldn’t normally have a chance. Houser has so far been featured in multiple cooking shows, including The Racheal Ray Show and The Chew. He’s very involved in the community, serving on the boards for multiple organizations – including his alma mater, El Centro. Houser is a proud graduate of the city of Dallas’s El Centro College, where he studied the culinary arts. He has also been named one of Dallas’ “40 Under 40” by Dallas Business Journal2.

Though Houser has proven himself to be a fantastic individual, he wouldn’t be able to make Café Momentum happen without his incredible team. His chief operating and development officer, Margaret Windham, has the accolades of working with and leading several programs, including working with the Bush administration throughout the early 2000s. A variety of other members of the Café Momentum team come from backgrounds of serving their communities, so it’s exciting to see the whole group come together and make this happen.

A delicious menu

The restaurant itself serves modern American food and a mix of other fusions. Being a combination restaurant and culinary training center, it’s no surprise that Café Momentum churns out some amazing food. Some of the best things on the menu are their Smoked Fried Chicken, served with greens and mashed potatoes and gravy, and the Shrimp and Grits, which comes with bacon, mushrooms, and a white wine sauce. The café arranges their menu into three courses, with an appetizer, soup or salad, and an entrée. If you decide to stop in, be sure to give the Asian Sticky Ribs a try3.

Members of Café Momentum’s culinary program are paid interns, who work directly under Chad Houser and his team. He uses this internship to offer a future to kids who’ve just gotten out of the juvenile corrections system, giving them applicable skills they can take to make their own successful careers.

Plans to expand

Café Momentum has now teamed up with the Stand Together Foundation to bring their program nationwide. According to Eater, the Stand Together Foundation provides the funding and tools that organizations like Momentum need to expand their reach4. The café hopes to continue the incredible work it’s done so far in Dallas by starting the same program in other cities and areas where poverty is prevalent. By doing so, they’ll be giving even more ex-juvenile justice system members the freedom to make something of themselves. We’re thankful that such a program exists in our city, and proud to see Café Momentum grow.

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DFW Dining

XOXO Dining Room re-opens in Dallas

Champagne Glass Dallas Food
“Champagne” by Sam Howzit is licensed with CC BY 2.0.

In-the-know diners of Dallas beware, XOXO Dining Room has just re-opened in town. We recently saw the upscale restaurant open before the COVID pandemic, but it closed once it became mandatory for eateries across the city. The exciting new spot is sure to be a hit for the social class, with its stylish features and excellent interior design. The dining room features a variety of menu options and a cocktail menu sure to meet any need.

Full of style

XOXO Dining Room is one of the few places in town that does require a dress code. According to their frequently asked questions1, the new restaurant suggests a “stylish, cocktail attire.” This means it’s certainly not the place for shorts or t-shirts to be seen, and you should show up looking your best. It’s a perfect time to pull out that black dress or suit that’s been in the back of your closet since pre-COVID times. While dress codes tend to be viewed as a little too snobbish for some, this one only seems to add to the allure of the already stylish XOXO Dining Room. The space itself features a pastel and plant-heavy environment that’s bound to be the perfect backdrop for that dressed up photo.

Fantastic menu options

This new Dallas restaurant’s menu is sure to be a hit with anyone who stops in. It provides excellent options for date nights, with dishes tailored to the classy diners that are sure to visit, or fantastic and lively options for whole groups. Some of our favorite dishes off XOXO’s menu are the Lobster Ravioli and the Truffle Fried Chicken. Both are pretty cozy, warm dishes as far as food goes, but are perfect for a nice night out.  For the shareables, the avocado tataki, an avocado and tahini dish with trout roe, is to die for.

XOXO’s cocktail menu also has some great options. The “Papi” is made with tequila, lemon, lime and orange juice, jalapenos, pineapple, and agave. Though having quite a few ingredients, each part seems to blend together seamlessly to make a near perfect drink. The “Prohibition” is a great option if you’re looking for a simpler drink. With mescal, bitters, simple syrup, and ice, the cocktail is basically a smokier version of the classic Old Fashioned. Of course, the experienced bartenders at Dallas’s XOXO can make nearly any classic cocktail. The drink menu also features a wide variety of wines and bubbles for those who might not be in the mood for a cocktail. At the XOXO’s new pink booths, which you’ll typically have to reserve with a party of five to six, you’ll even have a button to press when more champagne is needed2.

Plenty of dining options

The new spot will also feature valet parking and space for small events, perfect for COVID-times when gatherings must stay smaller in Dallas. There will also be a new outdoor garden space set to open this fall that’ll be even more beneficial for more wary diners. Whether you’re looking for a perfect date night, a great spot to grab drinks, or a place to throw a small party, be sure to check out XOXO Dining Room for your next outing.

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DFW Dining

The most interesting Dallas breakfast spots

breakfast diner dfw dining
“New England Diner” by ReneS is licensed with CC BY 2.0.

Dallas has long been home to a number of top-of-the-line breakfast spots. From old-school, retro diners to upscale brunch havens, the city has everything you could want in terms of breakfast foods. Our list highlights some of the most interesting options that the city offers, all of which have brought more great food to Dallas’ bustling culinary scene.

Crossroads Diner has been a must for breakfast diners for years. The classic diner was founded by chefs Tom Fleming and Carl Strelecki after they had each spent years in the industry. Their sticky buns, created and perfected by Chef Fleming, are to die for. Other popular items at Crossroads are the buttermilk pancakes and the Canadian bacon eggs benedict. The restaurant is known for its enormous portions, so everyone is sure to leave feeling full. Stop in to grab one of the largest sticky buns you’ve ever had next time you’re on Preston Road.

Our next on the list takes a turn towards the modern with its food. Whisk Crepes Café has been around since 2015, founded by Julien Eelsen. Eelsen, a native of Paris, France, left the airline business to create Whisk after falling in love with Dallas. Whisk Crepes Café’s most popular entrees are their crepes of course. The La Complete is a classic crepe that can do no wrong, while the Paris, TX crepe adds a bit of Texas to the French classic – using smoked brisket, jalapenos, and barbeque cream. Another sought-after item at Whisk is the 7 O’Clock breakfast sandwich, perfect for those on-the-go. Though only being open for five years, Whisk Crepes Café has managed to make quite an impact on Dallas’ breakfast scene. They also have a second location, Whisk and Eggs, in Plano, Texas.

Healthy eaters, look no further. Another Preston Hollow spot — and the newest restaurant on this list — The Market Local Comfort Café specializes in vegetarian breakfast options and is Dallas Kosher Certified. The Market opened in May of 2019 near the Galleria Mall, and has been incredibly popular ever since. The space itself is beautiful and modern, a design created by the owners and another designer to reflect the eclectic food served. The Market’s chef, Jordona Kohn, comes from Le Cordon Bleu culinary school in Dallas, where she graduated as valedictorian. Kohn has worked primarily in Dallas’ culinary scene, but has also spent time across the world, venturing as far as Jerusalem. Some of Jordona and The Market’s most popular items are the breakfast sandwiches, of which there are multiple choices that are all great, and their fabulous baked pastries and bread. Another one of their much-loved menu items is the avocado toast, made with their fresh baked bread. If you’re looking for great kosher food or just an interesting change from standard breakfast-fare, be sure to make visiting The Market a priority.

A Dallas classic since 1961, Kuby’s Sausage House in the University Park neighborhood has been making some of the best German sausages and specialty meats for years. Founded by Karl Kuby when he decided to bring his family’s generations-old tradition of sausage-making from Germany to Texas, Kuby’s has been the place for German food since its start. Sausage just so happens to be a staple of breakfast foods as well, so you can be sure to find great breakfast at Kuby’s. Their breakfast biscuit, a massive biscuit with sausage, eggs, gravy, and potatoes, and their Build Your Own Omelet are their two most popular breakfast items. The restaurant also has German pancakes for vegetarians. If you are a meat-eater, be sure to stop in and give Kuby’s a try.

To complete our list, we have San Martin Bakery and Café. San Martin hails from Guatemala, where their pastries are beloved. Dallas is their only US location, which serves up the same great foods and coffee as its Guatemalan counterparts. Their most popular menu item is the Salvadoreño, a Salvadorian classic that features two stuffed tortillas topped with fried eggs and ranchera sauce and is served with plantains on the side. Their baked goods are also near-perfect. This last breakfast spot is an excellent place for South American breakfast-fare and straight-from-the-source Guatemalan coffee. Make sure to give San Martin a try next time you’re near the Oak Lawn neighborhood of Dallas.

From classic diners to the eclectic to ethnic foods, Dallas has a ton of excellent breakfast options available. We hope our list motivates you to give some of these great spots a try!

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Dallas Mavericks

Mavericks’ assistant coach leaves for the Houston Rockets

coaches and team dallas mavericks
“Dallas Mavericks bench” by dph1110 is licensed with CC BY 2.0.

This past week, it was announced that one of the Dallas Mavericks’ assistant coaches will be moving to the Houston Rockets. Stephen Silas, who has been coaching in the NBA for years, was named the new head coach of the Rockets on October 30th, according to the Mavericks’ official website1.  Since 2018, Stephen Silas has been a valuable addition to Dallas’s coaching team.

A tough few years for the Mavs

Since before Silas even joined the Mavs, the team had been struggling to get any wins under its belt for years. After only two years of being with the team, Silas was able to aid in getting the team back up to par with the rest of the league and even send them to the playoffs in the 2019-2020 season2. This was also attributed to the coaching team attracting better talent and the work of the players of course, but there’s no doubt that Silas’ leadership was an important factor as well.

Silas’ long NBA history

Prior to joining up with the Mavs, Silas was a notable figure in the professional basketball coaching world already. He is the son of Paul Silas, the long-time NBA player turned coach who headed up the Bobcats, Cavaliers, Clippers, and the Hornets in his thirty-two years. Because of this, some say Stephen Silas had too easy a path into coaching, as he was offered a position shortly after college by his father in 19993. Working under Paul, Stephen was an assistant coach and scout for the Charlotte Hornets.

After his time with the Hornets, Stephen went on to the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Wizards, Warriors, and Hornets before moving to the city of Dallas. There was also a brief period with the Hornets when Regardless of what anyone says about his entry into coaching in the NBA, there’s no doubt that Silas has done his time and worked hard on the long road to being a head coach. According to the same Mav’s website article, Coach Rick Carlisle – Silas’s current superior – thinks that he is “a great hire for the Rockets.” It’ll be sad to see Silas leave Dallas behind, especially after this last season being the first in years that the team has made it to the playoffs.

Working with a great team

We’re hopeful to see him turning around the Rockets next, as he’s got some great players to work with. With Russell Westbrook and James Harden, the Houston Rockets have been a good team so far. This past season, they were able to make it to the playoffs as well, but didn’t do too well there overall playing against the Lakers and Thunder. Silas is sure to be a great fit for the already decent team, so it’ll be interesting to watch how the Rockets do next season – especially if the Mavs and Rockets face off. We look forward to keeping you updated with any further news about Silas and the Mavericks.

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Dallas Mavericks

Mavericks shoot for free agent Dan Gallinari

Basketball players Dallas Mavericks
“Toronto Raptors v Dallas Mavericks” by dannyb is licensed with CC BY 2.0.

The Oklahoma City Thunder’s current power forward, Dan Gallinari, has decided to become an unrestricted free agent this year, after playing in the NBA since 2008. Prior to this coming season, there’s a chance that he’ll receive multiple offers from teams throughout the league. This past season, Gallinari had received a trade offer from Dallas’s own Mavericks, according to basketball news source, Slam Online. The Mavericks’ deal almost went through near the end of the season, but ended up falling through when Dan decided he would prefer to give free agency a try.

Trading has been a work-in-progress

According to Slam Online’s same article, the Miami Heat had also attempted to make a trade offer towards the end of last season, when Gallinari was still playing for the Oklahoma City Thunder. In this case, the Thunder and Heat simply couldn’t come to an agreement on the trade deal. Due to the end date for trade season sneaking up on them, this deal wasn’t able to go through either. Despite that, the Heat is still a potential competitor for the Mavericks in wooing Gallinari.

We have yet to see what teams will extend offers that meet what Gallinari is wanting out of free agency, but are certainly hopeful that Dallas will be able to bring him in. It would certainly be exciting to see the massive Italian power forward playing alongside our home team in American Airlines Center.

Previous teams

Gallinari has previously played for multiple teams in the National Basketball Association. Prior to last season with the Oklahoma City Thunder, he was with the Los Angeles Clippers for two years. He’s also played for the Denver Nuggets and the New York Knicks before that, with a few brief stints returning to the Italian leagues he got started with.

He’s played in the Italian league since 2004, and has had a very successful career there too. He’s also been hand-picked by the Italian league to play against other teams across Europe, representing his home country in the Euroleague. According to Wikipedia, Gallinari has been presented with the Italian League MVP award, the EuroLeague Rising Star award, and has won the Italian League’s Best Player Under 22 award for 2007 and 2008. Over his years of professional basketball in both the Italian and US leagues, Gallinari has definitely proved that he has the ability to create the most of whatever situation he’s placed into, something that Dallas certainly is needing this next year.

If the Mavericks are able to convince Gallinari to join the team for next season, he’ll be a fantastic addition. Last season was the first time our team has had a positive wins to losses ratio in three years. We’re hoping that whoever they bring in for this coming year, it’ll continue that upward trend we saw last season and get Dallas more wins under its belt.

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Dallas Stars

Stars officially welcome Rick Bowness as head coach

The Dallas Stars have officially named Rick Bowness head coach for the team. After years with the team, we’re excited to seeing him filling the role. Bowness had already been filling in as an interim head coach for the team since the end of 2019, when previous head coach Jim Montgomery was fired. He was the perfect person for the job, a professional hockey player turned coach that had worked with many of hockey’s greats.

coach bowness dallas stars
“File:Rick Bowness Alex Edler.jpg” by Loxy!! from Vancouver, Canada is licensed with CC BY 2.0.

Though little will actually change for him aside from the official status and title, Bowness is excited for the new position. In an interview with the NHL, Bowness states his excitement for the new role and speaks about how important the Dallas team has been to him in his career and how great the work they’d done so far was. He’ll be moving from his original position as an assistant coach, and interim head coach, to the new role effective immediately.

Stepping into the shoes

Bowness will be stepping into the shoes of previous head coach Jim Montgomery, who was fired from the Stars in December of 20191. Montgomery was officially fired by general manager Jim Nill for “unprofessional conduct inconsistent with the core values and beliefs of the Dallas Stars and the National Hockey League.” according to the NHL2. Later on, it was revealed that Montgomery had struggled with alcoholism since a young age. It had gotten out of hand in recent years, causing him to get in trouble and create a poor example for the players he was leading.

Since his firing from Dallas, Montgomery has stayed in the city and gotten help with his alcoholism, enrolling in a program and getting the therapy he needs3. Though Montgomery had his personal issues, there’s no arguing that he wasn’t a great coach. He had been the one to lead the Stars to the recent Stanley Cup finals after all.

No stranger to coaching

Bowness, having been there right along with Montgomery for the past two years, has had the opportunity to learn everything he can under Montgomery’s wing. Even before moving to the city of Dallas, he was no stranger to being a head coach. Bowness first got his start in coaching working as head coach for the Winnipeg Jets’ minor league team, the Sherbrooke Jets in 1982. From there, he went on to become the head coach for the Boston Bruins’ minor team, the Maine Mariners. Shortly after that, he went on to the Ottawa Senators, where he was also head coach. After his time coaching minor league teams, Bowness went on to be an assistant coach with multiple NHL teams, even working under hockey legend Wayne Gretzky with the Phoenix Coyotes4.

This is all after Bowness spent twelve years playing professionally in multiple different leagues. We at ACD are certain that he’s going to be perfect for his new official title with the Stars, and are looking forward to keeping you updated as time goes on.

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Dallas City Council DFW Dining

City Council makes positive changes for COVID-era restaurants

Outdoor cafes Dallas dining
“Dining along a pedestrian passage, Main Street Dallas” by Payton Chung is licensed with CC BY 2.0.

According to the Dallas Observer, Dallas City Council has approved a change that will affect city restaurants in a major way. Previously, restaurants were required to have at least one parking spot per one hundred to two hundred square feet of space1. Dallas eateries also had to have patio or outside seating areas be enclosed. City Council’s latest decision allows these businesses to bypass the old rules that limit actual eating space and make the most of their room.

The original rules were made to ensure that guests have easy parking at the city’s restaurants. In a state that prioritizes open space so much, this was an ideal situation for most restaurant guests in Texas, at least prior to the COVID era. In these times, the amount of restaurant guests tends to be at a minimum but their never seems to be enough space, especially since everyone must be six feet apart and it’s typically ideal to be seated outside.

City Council’s newest rule change will allow Dallas restaurants to expand their existing spaces and creep into the parking spots that they’ve had all along. The one caveat to that will be that, though the outdoor “parking lot” seating won’t be expected to be enclosed, it will be required to have a covering. Fortunately, that can be as simple as purchasing a tent for most restaurants.

Outdoor dining across the US

Outdoor seating has proved to be one of the most interesting challenges for modern restaurants in the United States, and it has brought out some ingenious solutions from the most creative of restauranteurs. The city of Chicago, Illinois, recently held a contest to see who could create the best outdoor dining setup for winter. Being the “windy city” and being located in the upper Midwest, Chicago has multiple challenges when it comes to its outdoor dining, but it is not alone. In multiple areas across the country, outdoor heaters are nearly impossible to find. Others that are located in warmer climates have been more fortunate, but still face the challenge of making the most of their space. In virtually every city in the US, restaurants have been rushing (and struggling) to keep up with the sudden changes required of them.

Possibly one of the most creative new concepts in the restaurant scene is the invention of the outdoor parking spot patio. In other cities, dining spots have taken advantage of all the space they can by transforming their parking spots into unique eating areas. Some have gone as far as getting permission from their local governments to use city-owned parking that’s extremely close by.

A short-term solution

According to City Council, the new rule will be in place until April 2021 and will hopefully bring back some of the industry’s customers. The change may end up lasting even longer, but we aren’t certain yet. We have yet to see what’ll happen with Dallas’s restaurants now that the change has taken place, but we have no doubt that the city’s restauranteurs will bring their best when it comes to their new freedom – especially given the innovation we’ve seen in the Dallas restaurant industry so far.

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