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ACD Adds Value With In-House HVAC Design Assistance

Firstly we should point out that we are not building services consultants. They play a key role in our industry, however we are aware that very often installers are required to provide design layout drawings for a variety of projects and our aim is to help minimize your costs, whilst providing the very best possible application of air conditioners.

Air Conditioning Dallas can offer you the services of a highly qualified and experienced team of design and project engineers.

ACD will ensure that your HVAC equipment is properly selected, supported by all the required drawings, expertly installed, and backed up by a professional after sales service. Our experienced team of project engineers is available to assist with every stage of design. Our AutoCAD operators will help you with the development of tender, installation, and ‘as-built’ drawings.

As a specialist distributer, we offer to advise you regarding the latest industry regulations including Part L 2A & 2B compliance We also offer to assist you in determining your equipment running costs and CO2 emissions.

Air Conditioning Dallas also offers project specific controls drawings, piping schematics and full Operating and Maintenance Manuals.

Air Conditioning Dallas HEVAC design assistance adding value for you.

​Design and Application Support


The effects of system design and application can have far reaching implications for the environment and everyone involved with your project. System design and application can mean the difference between profit and loss, or for the end user, higher or lower energy bills and carbon footprints.

As a specialist distributor of air conditioning products we extend our support to help you achieve the best possible design and application of the products we supply.

Our design and application support includes piping, wiring and controls schematics, A/C layouts on CAD drawings, 3D DVM Pro, standard CAD files, accepted/available and the provision of icons for Samsung products.

Designing With the Environment in Mind


Today, the design of systems is more about creating the correct building environment whilst using the very least energy than ever before. At Air Conditioning Dallas we recognise that property owners, regardless of the size of their buildings have a legal duty to ensure their HVAC equipment.

ACD can assist or guide you through the potential legislation minefield. We can also help you test-drive a new building for your client by using Thermography (thermal modeling) which can be part of an Energy Audit. For more details click here.