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Dallas Furnace and Heating Services

When warm air stops blowing, quality furnace service is just what’s needed to keep your family out of the cold. Though it’s wonderful when your home’s heating system is running great, heaters and their components can break. Being too cold is no joke, and that’s why we’re here to get you comfortable again fast.

When it’s freezing outside, you depend on your heater to keep your home nice and toasty. That’s why heater repair can be a huge pain, especially if you’re not expecting it and haven’t had time to prepare. At Air Conditioning Dallas, we’ve been making sure DFW residents have efficient and functioning heaters for years.

Finding the right heating service

Finding the right heating service can also be a chore, especially in today’s market. With loads of HVAC companies to sift through, finding one that works with your needs best is tricky at best. Especially in our area, looking for the right Dallas furnace service can mean a lot of work just to get your heater back up and running. Looking through online reviews and word of mouth are great ways to find the right company to hire.

Businesses that have been in business for a long time are still there for a reason. They’ve stood the test of time by keeping customers coming back and ensuring they use the best equipment. We pride ourselves in the fact that we’ve been in business since 1981. Since that time, we’ve put in hard work to make sure our customers have the best experience, professionalism, and a competitive price. It sets us apart from other heating and air companies in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and shows just how great our heating services are.

Most common furnace services

When you do find that it’s time for heater repair, there are a number of things that could need fixed. Due to the complexity of an HVAC system, there are countess components that can stop working. Once you’ve found the right Dallas heating service, you’ll want to have an idea of just what might’ve gone wrong. Here, we’ve listed a few of the most common tasks our technicians take on.

  • Air filter replacements. Air filters aid in protecting your home from outside pollutants. Filters are incredibly important to keep clean because they’re essential to your home’s air quality. Most need to be changed every 3 to 6 months to ensure that you’re not breathing in dust or mold. While an easy task to take-on yourself, our trained specialists are able to find a perfect fit that works for your system and personal needs.
  • Duct cleaning or replacement. This is usually quite the dirty job, but an extremely important one. Duct cleaning is one of our most commonly requestedheating system services. Clearing out debris and dust from your ventilation ensures that your heater is able to run efficiently. It also helps to limit the amount of dust that gets into your home too. When cleaning doesn’t seem to work, sometime ductwork replacement is the next step. While a big job, our qualified team is well prepared to take on the task.
  • Heat exchanger repair. One of the internal components of your furnace, the heat exchanger generates the warmth that heats your home. It’s important to check in on these every once in a while just to make sure all’s good. In time, heat exchangers are going to need replaced. They’re usually a little more on the expensive side, but last a long time and keep your furnace working.
  • Limit switches and wiring. Like all electronic systems and devices, heaters can have issues caused by electronic parts fizzling out. One of the more regular parts to go out is the limit switch — a part that tells your heater when to blow warm air. It works hand-in-hand with the thermostat to keep your home at the right temperature. Other wiring can burn out or lose effectiveness over time too, causing your whole system to run incorrectly.

Wrapping up your furnace repairs

Our licensed technicians are able to handle any of the repairs listed above and more. Repairing your heater when it’s cold out can be a hassle, but we guarantee we can make it is painless as possible with our professional and efficient staff. Our team can make it to you in less than 2 hours in most cases, ensuring you don’t have to wait too long to get warm again.

When your system keeps going down despite multiple repairs, it might be time for an entirely new one. Our team is also capable of residential and commercial furnace installations — as well as diagnosing when they might be needed. Whatever you need to get your DFW-area home or business warm when it matters most, give us a call.