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Beloved Cowboys coach passes

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“Dallas Cowboys Stadium” by John Purget is licensed with CC BY 2.0.

Just last Wednesday, November 25th — the day before Thanksgiving — we saw the unfortunate loss of one of the Cowboys’ coaches. Markus Paul was the strength and conditioning coach for the team. He had been in Dallas since 2018, initially starting as an assistant coach. Players and staff loved Paul, and are sad to see his passing.

The loss of Markus Paul came unexpectedly on Wednesday. The team was getting ready for a practice when he reportedly suffered a stroke in the locker room. Most players were just arriving when it happened, but those that had showed early were in the locker room with him. Members of the coaching staff rushed to his aid and helped him until paramedics arrived.

Paul’s stroke came unexpected to everyone. He had no known medical history with them. Many are still coping with his unfortunate loss a week later, and no new head strength and conditioning has been named at this time.

A great career

Though Markus Paul’s life was tragically cut short, we can all agree that he lived a full one. As a coach, he had a career lasting over 20 years. He first began as an assistant strength and conditioning coach for Syracuse, his alma mater, back in 1998. He later went professional and coached under legend Bill Belichick, going to multiple Super Bowls.

Prior to his coaching career, Paul played as a defensive back in college and professionally. He went to school at Syracuse, where he played for his entire time in college. After Syracuse, the Chicago Bears recruited Paul. He played as a defensive back there for 4 years before moving briefly to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

While not the most tumultuous of careers, Markus Paul led a great one with multiple highlights. His players and staff are heartbroken by his passing. While his assistants are sure to be effective, they won’t fill the void left by his passing. His passion for the game, for taking care of his players, and for being a good person was unrivaled.

We at Air Conditioning Dallas are sad to see him go, and wish the entire Cowboys family comfort in such a difficult time.

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Dallas Cowboys

Next year’s NFL draft and more Cowboys updates

stadium panorama dallas cowboys
“Dallas Cowboys Stadium” by John Purget is licensed with CC BY 2.0.

If you’ve kept up with the NFL this season in any capacity lately, then it’s no secret that Dallas’s home team hasn’t had the best run so far. This season, they’ve seen several of their best players end up on the injured reserve roster due to actual injuries or COVID. It’s been unfortunate to have to watch our home team struggle, especially since we originally had such high hopes for this seasons’ lineup. Even though it’s been hard, we are starting to see the sun peeking out from behind the clouds, metaphorically speaking.

The way this season is going, the Dallas Cowboys should have one of the earliest draft picks for next season. That’ll allow them to continue the work they began last year in obtaining and holding onto new talent, and let the Cowboys to continue to bolster their team. According to Dallas Morning News, this would help the team to build up their “subpar defense” that they’re stuck with this season1.

Possible draft picks

Dallas Morning News’ article also talks about who they think would be the best new pick for the Cowboys this next season. The possible new players they list are Justin Fields – current quarterback for Ohio State, Zach Wilson – QB at Brigham Young University, Penei Sewell – offensive tackle for the University of Oregon, Micah Parsons – linebacker at Penn State, and Patrick Surtain II – cornerback for Alabama2.

Each of these players has the potential to bring their unique strengths to the field. Hopefully when next season comes around, COVID won’t be benching players anymore and the team will have some fantastic talent. At Air Conditioning Dallas, we think the Cowboys might just have a chance at a Superbowl next year if things keep trending in the right direction.

Last week’s game

In other news, Dallas didn’t manage to pull a win out against the Steelers this past week. They ended up losing the game 24 to 19. The Cowboys ended up putting Garrett Gilbert in for this game, following the trend of this season in cycling the team’s quarterbacks due to injuries. Gilbert is still fairly new to the league, joining in 2014, and has been moved around just about every year since to different teams3. For one of his first times really being active for the team, Gilbert did a decent job leading the offense against the Steelers.

The Steelers’ star quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger, ended up injuring both his knees after a tackle in last weeks’ game, according to Ian Rappaport’s Twitter account4. It looks like he’ll be just fine, but he may end up out for his next game.

The Cowboys have a bye-week coming up this weekend, so we hope the team will be able to rest up. If any of Dallas’s players currently on the injured reserve roster are able to get better and play in the next game against the Minnesota Vikings, we might just have a chance at a turn-around for the Cowboys this season.

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Aldon Smith has a successful return to the Cowboys

Opening Kickoff
“Opening Kickoff” by jdtornow is licensed with CC BY 2.0.

After a five year hiatus, defensive end Aldon Smith has seen an excellent return to NFL through the Cowboys. The former Oakland Raiders player was brought back to the NFL in this years’ pre-season in hopes to boost the Cowboys up in their own standings. Smith had previously been put on leave indefinitely due to substance abuse, but his excellent history as a defensive end makes his return sweet – it’s sure to be a welcome sight for Dallas fans.

Due to his substance abuse issues, Smith had been suspended since his 2015 season with the Raiders. According to ESPN, he had been in violation of the NFL’s substance abuse policies, as well as their policy regarding personal conduct after being charged with a DUI and hit-and-run charges1.  Since recovering, he has been working tirelessly to turn his situation around and get himself back into professional football, even going so far as to meet with some of the league’s top officials.

Smith has played in the NFL as a defensive end since the age of 22, originally joining the San Francisco 49ers for their 2011 season as a first-round draft pick. Prior to that, he was recruited from high school to play football for the Missouri Tigers, where he stayed for two years, from 2008 to 2010, before moving onto the NFL. Despite only reaching his sophomore year in college at Mizzou, Smith received multiple awards in the Big 12 conference2. Though his time in college was brief and arguably too short, it is only reflective of his love for the game above all else.

We have been exhilarated to watch Smith’s return to the gridiron after so many years away. It seems that the time off has only improved the returning defensive end’s already great game. Smith has been leading the Cowboys defense since his return, solidifying the reason the Cowboys brought him back from forced retirement in the first place. The team has been struggling enormously so far this season, with only two wins over the course of seven games. In an exceptional start to the season, Smith made four sacks in the Dallas team’s first three games. He’s slowed his roll a little since those first few games, but has still been a relentless fixture on the defensive line. Of the seven eventful games so far, Smith has made a combined 32 tackles3. Though this hasn’t been the best year for the rest of the team, Smith has most definitely proved that he’s capable of making a comeback after years away from the sport.

This 2020 season still has nine more games left for the Cowboys, so it is yet to see if the team will improve in the leaderboards. Dallas fans are absolutely hopeful that the team will start getting some W’s under its belt, living up to the winning standard of Cowboys’ history. We’re excited to see more of Aldon Smith’s extraordinary defensive prowess, and look forward to watching him and the Cowboys in the next nine games of the season.

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Dallas Cowboys bringing Anthony Brown back next game

After an injury-filled 2020 season, the Cowboys have made the decision to bring back Anthony Brown from the injured reserve roster. Current cornerback for the Dallas Cowboys, Brown played for Purdue on scholarship in college, making 189 tackles and catching four interceptions during his undergraduate football career (Wikipedia). Since joining the NFL as a sixth-round pick in the 2016 Draft, he has been playing for the Cowboys. 

During game one of the season in September, Brown received a rib injury that put him on the bench. The injury came shortly after re-signing to the Cowboys for an additional three years with a $15.5 million contract. The cornerback has not played in any games since his injury, but Brown’s teammates and Cowboys fans alike will be elated to see the five-year NFL veteran’s return to the field in the next game.

Dallas Cowboys

Deion Sanders Takes Head Coach Position at Jackson State

Deion Sanders, a two-time Super Bowl winning defensive back, has returned to football to coach the Jackson State Tigers college football team. Sanders, famous for his 1995 Super Bowl win with the Dallas Cowboys that came at the apex of an illustrious professional football career, has led an interesting career in the sports industry.

coach deion sanders dallas cowboys
“Deion Sanders” by Thomson20192 is licensed with CC BY 2.0.

Throughout his time in the NFL, he was a fixture of the Pro Bowl and All-Pro teams, but this will come as no surprise to dedicated fans who have followed his journey from the very beginning. Sanders played college football for the Florida State Seminoles and was a unanimous All-American in 1987 and 1988. He capped this incredible college career as a Jim Thorpe Award recipient and the fifth overall pick in the 1989 NFL Draft. His 16 year career in the NFL was one decorated with successes, both personal and professional1.

During his electrifying NFL career, Sanders also managed to play left and center field part-time in the MLB. He led a successful, yet controversial, career with five different MLB teams – most notably the New York Yankees and the Atlanta Braves2.

Across the sports industry, Deion Sanders remains a symbol of a fierce competitor, natural athlete, and a man dedicated to the love of sports. As a college and professional hall of famer, it’s impossible to ignore Deion Sanders’ impact on the sport of football. His years in Dallas were, luckily, some of his best.

The renowned new head coach of the Jackson State University football team will lead a legacy of twenty coaches before him at the famous historically black university. Sanders will be replacing previous head coach John Hendrick, who was let go in early August of this year despite his contract technically ending in December 2020. Hendrick will be replaced due to the university’s desire for a change of leadership in their program, though only beginning coaching at Jackson State in 2018.

In John Hendrick’s short-lived career as head coach of FSU, he had six wins and nine losses and managed a 5-5 record in the SWAC East conference. The president of Jackson State University, Thomas Hudson, hopes that replacing Hendrick with Sanders will illuminate and honor the history of JSU football, bringing importance to the athletes’ performance on and off the field3.

Deion Sanders currently plans to begin coaching Jackson State once he finishes out his final season as offensive coordinator at Trinity Christian School in Cedar Hill, Texas. Sanders has held his role at Trinity since 2017 at the school of his son, Shedeur Sanders – who also received an offer to play for JSU. The upcoming college football season has been pushed back due to COVID, but will hopefully pick up as early as Spring of 2021 if plans go accordingly.

During game one of the season in September, Brown received a rib injury that put him on the bench. The injury came shortly after re-signing to the Cowboys for an additional three years with a $15.5 million contract. The cornerback has not played in any games since his injury, but Brown’s teammates and Cowboys fans alike will be elated to see the five-year NFL veteran’s return to the field in the next game.

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Cowboys face a challenging season with new head coach Mike McCarthy

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“Dallas Cowboys Stadium” by John Purget is licensed with CC BY 2.0.

The current Dallas Cowboys season has been a tough one so far. One could argue that it’s due to COVID, or a lack of good players, or political tension, or just about anything under the sun – but let’s face it, Dallas’s home team isn’t doing too well this season. It hasn’t helped that head coach Mike McCarthy is in his first year with all of this happening, but we certainly believe he has the potential to make a turn-around for the entire team in the years to come.

So far this season, the Cowboys have only been able to attain two wins and have, unfortunately, lost six. Most recently, they went up against the Philadelphia Eagles in a tough match. According to Yahoo Sports writer Frank Schwab, the Eagles should not have even statistically been able to win (they had turned the ball over and gotten sacked multiple times, and had less than 250 yards)1, but they still managed it due to our team playing so poorly. It didn’t help that our current starting quarterback, Andy Dalton of Fort Worth, Texas, was also out on the reserve roster due to COVID. The Cowboys’ primary starting QB, Dak Prescott, has already been out this season for a broken ankle. The Cowboys ended up losing that last game against the Eagles with a final score of 9 to 23 in an upsetting loss for fans.

Multiple players out

For diehard Dallas fans, it’s been a tough year so far seeing so many players out. According to ESPN, the team had more than $61 million in salaried players on the sideline2. That’s essentially the majority of Dallas’s highest paid athletes not even being able to play. While it’s most definitely been a challenging season for all NFL teams because of the pandemic, it’s proved to be an even more difficult one for Dallas.

Hopeful for McCarthy

We hate to see this unfortunate set of games so far, especially because of Dallas’s new head coach – Mike McCarthy. In his first year with the Cowboys, he has had to deal with much more than just about any other new coach would ever have to. Of course, McCarthy is no newcomer to the NFL or even being charged with coaching an entire football program. Prior to joining up with Dallas, McCarthy was head coach for the Green Bay Packers from 2006 to 2018. During his time there, he was able to bring the Packers up to par with some of the best teams in the league, even leading them to a Super Bowl win3.

While it’s certainly a bummer to see the Cowboys start off the first half of the season so poorly, we in Dallas look forward to seeing how the next eight games go. There’s ample evidence that McCarthy will be able to turn the team around and even find great uses for the backup players in now down the road. Only time will tell though, so we’ll keep you updated as the season progresses.

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