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Hurst-Euless-Bedford schools back online

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The HurstEulessBedford Independent School District has faced a difficult decision in whether or not to move classes online. Over the past few weeks, administrators have considered cancelling any in-person classes. In just the last 2 weeks, they officially made the decision to go back online.

Hurst-Euless-Bedford ISD’s latest change to the school year follows a recent spike in COVID cases. Initially, the plan was to close the 2 HEB ISD schools that had the highest rates. As the virus continued to spread, the district realized that further action was required.

The risk of online schooling

Because of its need to make a change, the school looked into ways to go back to online classes. The risk with doing so was losing funding from the state of Texas. Fortunately, they were able to find a way forward. According to, “the Texas Education Agency has given school districts the option to move to all remote learning for five days without any impact on funding.” With this change in rules, DFW-area schools now have a much better route to decrease their COVID numbers.

Despite going online being a big change on the school’s part, it won’t be too different for students. They’ve already spent the first part of the year with online curriculum. The sudden change will certainly push students to be flexible, but it’ll also keep them safe.

Other ISDs going online-only

While one of the earliest to capitalize on the online-only opportunity, HEB has by no means been the first. ISDs in the cities of Coppell, Sanger, Keller, and more have closed schools and moved online to keep their students safe.

This new plan for HEB ISD comes in a school year that’s already been full of changes. Since the pandemic began, schools across the United States have changed course. The virus has caused some schools to end entire years early, others to start later, and many to go to online-only classes.

We’ve surely not seen the end of it yet, but are thankful that North Texas has such great teachers and administrators in it school systems. We know they’ll make the right choice for their independent school districts, and we’ll keep you updated as those changes come.

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Allen Eagles winning streak in jeapordy

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The Allen Eagles will be playing the Guyer Wildcats and there’s a chance we may see their historic lead disrupted. So far, the Allen, Texas team has maintained a near record-breaking winning streak for the high school.

The Allen Eagles’ winning streak has kept up for a remarkable 79 regular season games so far. The Eagles have put a lot of work into crafting an excellent football program that rivals some of the best in the nation. They are proud of their work so far, and definitely have no plans of letting up.

A great team

This season’s team is led by quarterback General Booty (yes, that’s his actual name). The senior player has moved with his dad, a football coach, from California to San Antonio. General’s family moved to Allen just in time for him to play this season. With a name and record like his, we’re hopeful that General is able to have a long career in football.

The team also has some great players in other areas too. Several have already committed to play for large Big Twelve schools across the country. Cornerback Deuce Harmon has plans to go play for Texas A&M once he graduates. The Green twins, Blaine and Bryson, are committed to play for Oklahoma State University when they graduate. Both are wide receivers for the team. Overall, the school has some amazing talent that makes their record far more believable.

In the upcoming game against Denton’s Guyer Wildcats on Friday, the team will face a big challenge. The Wildcats are one of the top teams this year, led by quarterback Eli Stowers. Stowers himself has plans to play for Texas A&M too, along with Harmon. Loaded with their own talent, the team is a threat to the multi-season winning streak that the Eagles have maintained since 2012.

We have yet to see if an upset will finally happen for the Eagles, but are planning to watch this game from the edge of our seats. The game will be taking place at 7:00 pm on Friday at the Allen Eagles Stadium.

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New Jobs and other Grapevine news

Grapevine city street news
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Grapevine School news

In other news, the city of Grapevine is no stranger to dealing with the COVID pandemic at this point. Grapevine-Colleyville ISD recently decided to postpone football games and other sporting events for the time being. After Coronavirus cases saw a sharp uptick across the US, they made the decision to hold off. Because of this, the district also prepared to postpone classes and even close schools if the virus continues to spike in their area.

New business for Grapevine

A new business recently announced plans to move its base of operations to Grapevine. E & A Transpro, Inc. was originally a large shipping and logistics company based out of Illinois. They have decided to relocate their headquarters and primary facilities to Grapevine to be nearer to their distribution lines. Excitingly, the logistics company will most likely be bringing new jobs to the area. We’ve included the link to their careers page here to help you in your next job search. Be sure to keep an eye out for postings!

Holiday fun for the family

Last but not least, the North Pole Express train ride will be returning to the city this year. The popular Grapevine attraction will allow riders to take a holiday themed ride through part of the city. The train takes riders to the “North Pole” and partners with Great Wolf Lodge, a company known for its kid-friendly hotels.

Doing things differently this year, the train will operate at half capacity to advocate social distancing. Either way, its sure to be a blast for the whole family and get everyone in the holiday spirit.

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Dallas schools to consider adding weeks to the school year

After the start of the 2020-2021 school year was postponed due to the unexpected Coronavirus, Dallas ISD administrators are looking into adding up to six weeks to this next school year’s calendar. Since the Coronavirus began, school districts across the nation have been struggling to find ways to effectively educate students while maintaining social distancing and effectively minimizing the spread of the virus.

As Dallas ISD’s plan to offer additional education time to students, officials are proposing adding an additional six weeks to the end of next year. Another potential way to make up for the loss of essential education time this year could be adding summer enrichment once the year is over, which would allow students more targeted learning and assistance. Though these propositions, among other ideas, are still in the brainstorming phase, there will likely be some sort of addition to the next school year for the benefit of educators and their students. 

If all goes according to plan, school administrators and the board will be voting in January 2021 on the best way forward.

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Bond package passes for Dallas ISD

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In recent Dallas schools’ news, voters have elected to pass a large bond package that will allow the Dallas Independent School District to invest large amounts of money into the areas that need it most. While not everything passed in this November 3rd election package, many of the most important parts still did.

According to Dallas-Fort Worth’s local CBS news source1, the package was broken down into multiple different propositions. Its parts were broken down into different primary categories, ranging from letters A to E. The propositions will affect all Dallas ISD schools, including the cities of Carrolton, Garland, Grand Prairie, Highland Park, and Mesquite that we service.

The biggest propositions

Proposition A was the largest chunk of money to be voted on. A around 3.2 billion, it focused on the Dallas ISD’s physical infrastructure. This part of the package included funds that will be used to upgrade and clean up current buildings in the district and another portion that will go to new replacement schools. After years of watching these schools be ran-down and overcrowded, we’re excited to announce that Proposition A did pass. We hope that this part provides greater spaces for Dallas ISD’s students to succeed in.

Proposition B was focused on getting the school district better technology. In COVID times, when Zoom meetings and online classes and homework are becoming more and more prevalent, this has become increasingly important. If students don’t have access to technology that properly allows them to learn in these times, there’s a significantly smaller chance that they will be able to keep up. Dallas has been ranked as the sixth in the country for most families without internet access. This new proposition will allow the district to help those families out that might not be able to afford internet access for their children. Already, the school has helped to provide mobile Wi-Fi hotspots for about 33,000 families in need. Though incredibly important, this proposition only used a much smaller portion of the bond package, estimated at about $270 million2. Fortunately, it passed as well in the November 3rd election.

Other parts to the plan

Proposition C would go towards stadium renovations and sports equipment for Dallas ISD. So far, the school district’s stadiums and athletic areas have struggled to keep up with the growing number of students without any proper funding to expand their programs or areas. Due to the pandemic, sports have taken a little bit of a backseat when it comes to educational programs. This proposition ended up not passing.

The other two propositions were both geared towards developing new facilities for Dallas area schools. Proposition D would build a brand new performing arts center to promote theater, music programs, and visual arts. Proposition E would allocate funds for renovating the school district’s competitive swimming pools and upgrading their equipment. Both would have been interesting to see in fruition, but neither of these propositions ended up passing the vote.

Though none of the extracurricular programs received the funding they were looking for in this bond package, we are overjoyed that propositions A and B passed. We look forward to seeing better buildings for Dallas ISD students, better technology, and Wi-Fi access for those who need it most.

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Southlake’s star QB de-commits from the Longhorns

Southlake Carroll Dragons Dallas schools
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Quinn Ewers of Southlake Carroll has changed plans in his college decision making for 2022. Still a couple years out from graduating and officially having to make a decision, Ewers has just entered his junior year as quarterback for the Southlake Carroll football team. In his three seasons in Southlake, Texas, Quinn has managed to become the highest ranking high school recruit in Texas history.  As of this year, he has also been noted as the top recruit so far for the class of 2022 – another enormous feat for the young quarterback.

Ewers is currently in the midst of his third season playing for his hometown team, and is proving himself to be the top 2022 recruit once again. We have yet to see what will happen with the rest of his junior season, but so far he has shown excellent throwing prowess, great snap judgement, and the rare QB ability to run with the ball. There’s little doubt that the season will continue to be a great one for Ewers.

A multitalented athlete

According to Gabe Brooks, a Midlands region reporting analyst for CBS’s 247 Sports, Quinn is a quarterback that takes just the right amount of risks and is an elite improviser. He’s also an excellent athlete and runner, showing great flexibility in a wide range of scenarios. Brooks believes Ewers has great long-term potential that may even carry him to the NFL one day. He compares Ewers playing style to that of Philip Rivers of the Indianapolis Colts1. Rivers is mostly known for his years of play with the San Diego Chargers and has a 95.1 career passer rating, making him the tenth best of all time in that category among NFL quarterbacks2. In short, if Ewers turns out anything like Philip Rivers, he’ll be just fine in his football career.

Where to next?

The people of Southlake, Texas are overjoyed to see such talent come from their city, and Quinn has been a hit. Presently, the question on everyone following the quarterback has been where he’ll go next. According to 247 Sports, Quinn has received offers from multiple universities, the most prominent being the University of Texas. In addition to that, he’s also gotten offers from Ohio State and twenty-nine other schools across the United States. In August of this year, Quinn committed to the Texas Longhorns, but proceeded to de-commit just recently on October 28th.

On his Twitter account the same day, Quinn released a statement explaining his decision to de-commit. In it, he basically details that he did not feel that he’d explored enough of his options and other offers before committing to Texas – and wanted to take the appropriate amount of time to do so. We have yet to see what university he’ll eventually commit with, but plan to keep you updated as we find out more. As fans of all things Texas, we’re sad to see him potentially go, but are excited to follow Southlake’s football prodigy as he advances throughout his career.

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District 2 school board race ends November 3rd

classroom dfw schools
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Dallas ISD’s second district will see a vote next month on November 3rd. The vote was originally pushed back due to COVID, giving the candidates vying for District 2’s spot extra time for their campaigns. The three candidates for this year’s race are Nancy Rodriguez, Alex Enriquez, and incumbent Dustin Marshall. Rodriguez and Enriquez both will be challenging Marshall with an aim to bring trust back to the school’s board, after years of the DISD’s enrollment declining. Marshall plans to continue his efforts to bring the district up to par with other schools in the state. We’ll be breaking down each candidate’s viewpoints to help you make your decision for District 2’s future.

Nancy Rodriguez

Nancy Rodriguez is a current parent and volunteer with Dallas ISD, who grew up in Hell’s Kitchen, New York. She has her master’s in social work from Hunter College of City University of New York, and has worked in the social work field for over twenty years. Rodriguez hopes to bring her passion for helping students with special needs, an often undervalued group in Dallas ISDs. She also seeks to make the ISD more inviting for all students by bringing in more teachers and finding more ways to bring classrooms to or below the state mandated limits on capacity.

Alex Enriquez

A graduate of Dallas ISD’s District 2 himself, Alex Enriquez plans to use his firsthand experience to benefit the district and its policies. Enriquez has worked with Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson on her campaign, moving to Washington DC to do so. Before that, he graduated with his bachelor’s from Florida State University. His focus for the campaign is bringing a sense of transparency that he believes has been missing from the school board. Enriquez plans to use his three priorities – community, equity, and excellence – to bring the board the transparency and effectiveness it needs.

Dustin Marshall

Incumbent Dustin Marshall plans to continue the work he has already done to bring Dallas ISD’s test scores up to par with the rest of the state. He employs a data-driven viewpoint for the schools, that prioritizes rewarding the best teachers and schools in the district. He also has plans to invest more in facilities for students, getting rid of vacant buildings while expanding current ones and their classrooms. Marshall has an MBA from Northwestern University and is the CEO of Hazel’s Hot Shot, a freight company. He has previously worked as a management consultant for Bain & Company, where he learned the importance of the analytical viewpoint he takes.

With the student-focus of Rodriguez, the transparency sought by Enriquez, and the analytical approach of Marshall, each candidate for the upcoming election brings a unique perspective to District 2. The election is sure to be a close race between the three candidates, and we hope that our local readers will make a well-informed vote on November 3rd. 

This news is provided as a service to our friends and neighbors. If you’re ever in need of AC repair in Dallas, Texas, we ask that you keep us in mind.