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Adding Value with Reliable, Quality Products from Samsung

We offer a complete range of Samsung air conditioners suitable for most of your HEVAC requirements.

All products are designed with the latest environmental issues in mind targeting the worlds best EER and COP performances.

​Air Conditioning Dallas Now Accept Credit Cards

Purchasing your products from Air Conditioning Dallas is now faster and more simple than ever, as we now accept credit card payments on everything we offer.

Eco Heating System (EHS)


Samsung EHS is an all-in-one system – it has a highly efficient Heat Pump technology that keeps your house at a comfortable temperature and your heating and cooling costs low all year round!

This economical system not only lowers energy costs and CO2 emissions, but also provides full capacity machine cycles that meet different user needs during the four seasons.

EHS is the ultimate Eco-friendly Heating System that uses natural resources for heating home floors and water. It provides indoor air-conditioning (hot/cool) at lower costs.

RAC Range – Residential and Light Commercial


This product sector consists of a selection of elegantly designed inverter driven wall mounted units, producing very high EER and COP performances whilst providing the very latest in filtration to ensure a healthy atmosphere.

​CAC Range – Commercial Air Conditioners

This product sector consists of the following range;


This all inverter range consists of 1, 2 and 4-way discharge cassettes with a variety of slim (135mm hight 1-way) compact (600*600mm panel) 4-way and standard cassettes, all come with a hight lift (75mm) built in condensate pump and snap quick connector drain fitting.


The inverter range of duct consists of slim (199mm height) and mid static type (up to 8 mmAq) and has an optional drain pump.


Console, Floor/Ceiling
The inverter range of Console, Floor/Ceiling units are stylishly designed to blend with any decor. The same model can be floor or ceiling mounted and have 6 options for pipe work connections. The units are extremely light when compared to other manufacturers.


Free Joint Multi (FJM)
Free joint multi type can be a combination of various indoor and outdoor units providing installation flexibility for small commercial and residential applications utilising a twin rotary compressor. Particular design attention has been made to energy efficiency and noise levels.

​Digital Variable Volume (DVM) Range


Mini DVM
Slim and flexible mini digital scroll multi-type, ensuring high energy efficiencies suitable for small commercial and residential applications. The mini DVM can combine up to 9 stylish indoor units with a total capacity of up to 6Hp.


DVM Plus lV and DVM Plus lV Heat Recovery
VRF technology taken to a greater height, producing some of the worlds best EER and COP performances. These systems provide much greater flexibility on pipe runs with actual piping lengths of up to 200 meters and available piping length of up to 45 meters from the first branch joint to the last indoor unit.

The compact outdoor units can reduce footprint requirement by up to 35% and provides the largest capacity currently available from manufacturers. An additional energy saving feature is provided via the digital scroll technology which requires no down time to recover system oil.

​Control Systems

As would be expected from a global electronic leader, the Samsung Control Systems are both practical and innovative providing solutions for all your requirements. The range consists of the following systems;


Individual Control Systems
Centralised Control Systems
Integrated Management Systems
​Building Management Systems

​ERV Energy Recovery Ventilation Systems


With the latest EU environmental legislation requirements, the use of the ERV range will enable companies to meet the EPBD (energy performance building directive) and can be applied in many market sectors providing large reductions in energy usage and capital costs, whilst providing healthier conditions especially when applying the optional CO2 sensor. These systems can be linked via the Samsung control platforms.