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Dallas Air Conditioner Repair

If you’re in need of air conditioner repair in Dallas, Texas or any of the surrounding cities, look no further. Air Conditioning Dallas offers first-class ac repair at fair prices for all DFW area residents. 

We service all major brands of air conditioners, including the brands we sell — Lennox and Trane. Both brands are highly regarded as industry leaders, and our techs are more than qualified to repair them. 

Lennox AC repair

Lennox air conditioners are known for being innovative. They manufacture the most efficient ac units in the industry, and offer great warranties. They’re also based out of Richardson, Texas — a suburb of Dallas. 

Occasionally, air conditioners suffer due to dirty air filters, needed cleanings, and wear and tear. Even Lennox, with its state of the art technology, can be subject to inefficiencies caused by a lack of proper care. 

That’s why our technicians are always available. We can generally make it out to your location within 2 hours to get your Lennox air conditioner back up and running as effectively as it’s supposed to. 

Trane AC repair

Local Dallas air conditioner repair is important when your Trane AC unit needs fixing. Trane’s air conditioners are typically a little more costly than most, but they are top-quality. Each component is made specifically by Trane for Trane products, so they’re guaranteed to work. 

All ac units come with the company’s 10 year warranty that covers any replacement parts or labor. 

Our service techs are officially licensed to work on these units too, and will provide best-in-class repair work to keep your ac unit running smoothly. 

Other major ac brand repairs

We are fully HVAC repair licensed and have been for over 30 years. We’ve been doing Dallas AC repair for a long time, so we know our way around just about any major brands other than our in-house ones. 

We can acquire parts quickly when you’re in need of ac repair for any major brands. Here, we’ve put together a list of the other top air conditioner manufacturers in the US. 

  1. American Standard. One of the best manufacturers in the country, American Standard makes high-end air conditioners known for their reliability. Though they rarely need repairs, we know how to fix them when the time comes. 
  2. York. This company is known for making nearly silent air conditioners. They aren’t usually as expensive as other brands, but they can certainly hold their own. 
  3. Carrier. Arguably the highest-end company on this list, Carrier is known for making products with the utmost quality and attention to detail. The units are highly efficient and provide you with a variety of options. Their air conditioners are expensive, but repairing them shouldn’t have to be — especially when you give us a call. 
  4. Bryant. This manufacturer creates more affordable air conditioners that have class-leading reliability. They’re not necessarily known for extreme efficiency, but they hold up. Bryant is owned by Carrier, so these are sure to be an easy repair like the parent company’s units. 
  5. Concord.  Similar to Bryant, Concord is a subsidiary of another large company — Lennox. Repairs on these are never too bad, and since Lennox is one of our in-house brands, we typically have replacement parts on hand. Concord air conditioners are both highly efficient and affordable, guaranteed to work for most homeowners. 
  6. Goodman. A fantastic value, Goodman’s air conditioners are very common throughout the country. They’re not too expensive, but they hold up for a long time. They’re solid but not super high-tech, so repairing them is generally inexpensive compared to other brands. We’ve done a good amount of work on these and know our way around them. 

The list would go on and on if we listed every brand of air conditioner we’ve ever worked on, so we kept it to the most common kinds we service. Since many brands are subsidiaries of the main brands — Lennox, Trane, Carrier, etc. — they’re typically easy for us to fix. 

Why use us for your next Dallas A/C repair?

Our company has been in business since 1981. We’ve been repairing air conditioners for years. Throughout those years we’ve kept up with industry changes, educating ourselves so we can serve our community best. 

We keep up with a/c repair industry changes

In 1987, we saw the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) put in place for the entire industry. This brought great change and a greater push for efficiency with air conditioners. We continue to monitor SEER today with repairs to keep our units running efficiently. 

The year 1996 saw another big change with new, more environmentally friendly refrigerants required in all air conditioners. We again worked with the industry to adopt new practices and equipment. 

Throughout the years, we’ve been a forerunner and leader for other AC repair companies in Dallas. We’ve continued to keep up with major changes in the industry over the years. 

AC repair options that work for you

At Air Conditioning Dallas, we pride ourselves on working with our customers. We always like to learn local residents’ needs, including price ranges and other preferences. As professionals, we give you fair quotes with options — that way you can figure out what works best. 

Quality A/C repairs done right

We put a lot of effort into making sure our repair team knows exactly what they’re doing and has the right tools to fix your ac unit. You can count on our team to get the cold air flowing again when your unit needs work. 

We strive to make Air Conditioning Dallas your top choice for air conditioner repair in the DFW area. Contact us today for assistance with your A/C repairs.