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Dallas Furnace and Heating Repairs

Texas is famous for hot summers, so furnace repair usually flies under the radar. Residents know that Dallas and its surrounding cities get chilly in the winter. Our furnace and heating repairs keep your home or business warm, so you don’t have to worry when the time comes.

No matter how reliable your HVAC system, it’ll need fixed at some point. At Air Conditioning Dallas, our fully-licensed technicians are capable of taking care of any heating repair. Our committed team has been working in the Dallas-Fort Worth area for almost 40 years. Because of our years of experience in the area, our professionalism and quality work is unparalleled.

Quality Dallas furnace repair

We have fairly short winters here, but they do get cold. Because of this, our team knows how important a properly running furnace is. Over the years, we’ve seen to, worked on, and installed thousands of furnaces.

At Air Conditioning Dallas, we specialize in heater installations from Lennox and Trane. Our team knows these like the back of our hands, and the equipment features excellent warranties. These companies are the parents for several other brands — like American Standard, Concord, and Armstrong Air. All common brands, they share similar components and are a breeze to fix.

In addition, our qualified team can work on any brand of heater to get it back up and running. We have the highest level of HVAC licensing, so our technicians are able to diagnose, work on, and even install nearly any residential or commercial heating system.

Heating repair costs

Lower heating bills is one of the fortunate perks to living in the North Texas area. Due to shorter winters, there’s less time that furnaces have to run. Regardless, they do need repairs after some use. When you’re looking for fair prices and hiring your next Dallas heating repair service, it’s essential to know how much to pay. To help you with that, here are some of the typical services for which you’ll want to get quotes:

  1. Duct cleaning — Clean ducts will ensure that your heating system runs efficiently and your air is clean.
  2. Thermostat replacement — Thermostats are the brain of your entire HVAC system. At the more expensive end, you’ll find fantastic programmable thermostats that you’re able to control from your phone — perfect for when you’re away from the house.
  3. Heat exchanger repair — Heat exchangers are an important part of the heating system. They’re responsible for actually warming the air, so keeping them running is essential.
  4. Basic maintenance and upkeep While it can vary, the average cost of having someone install new air filters, clean, and make sure everything is in order, is the lowest on this list. We can’t recommend routine professional maintenance more, as it’ll keep you from having to pay even more down the road.
  5. Blower motor repair — Repairing a blower motor will keep your warm air moving. Sometimes they’ll need to be replaced entirely, which can cost a decent bit more. Blower motors are very important to keep working, and their lives can be prolonged by proper maintenance.

Heater repair process

Once you know what to expect when it comes to repair prices, you’ll want to have your heater fixed as soon as possible. That’s where we come in: our team of professionals is more than up to the task. We can usually make it to you in less than 2 hours, and we know our way around nearly any heating system. You’ll also get a fair and equitable quote from us regarding your repairs. Make sure to give us a call for heating repair services you can trust when it matters most.