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Dallas Air Conditioner Services

At Air Conditioning Dallas, we pride ourselves on offering a wide variety of services for your HVAC system. Our optional packages range from an easy tune-up to complete A/C unit repair, air conditioner replacements, and A/C equipment installations

Since we’ve been in business for so long, we recognize that everyone’s needs are different. That’s why we offer tailored air conditioning services to fit whatever our Dallas neighbors might need. 

Our technicians are able to take on just about any challenge, so once they get to you, they’ll diagnose what your A/C system needs. After they’ve found the problem, they’ll offer you your options and let you choose the best plan of action. This ensures we’re providing the b est possible solution based on your needs, and helps us to be the company you choose next time you’re looking for Dallas air conditioning service. 

Most common AC services

We offer an array of services based on whatever you’re needing for your air conditioner. The most common services we provide are:

  1. Thermostat repair. A regular issue we run into is thermostats in need of repair. This can be caused by anything from incorrect placement, a blown fuse, or an internal error. The thermostat is the brain of your system, and our service techs understand just how important it can be. 
  2. Air filter replacement. Another common issue, a dirty or clogged air filter can cause your air conditioner to run inefficiently. Filters usually need replaced at least once a year, but our knowledgeable technicians will be able to find out when they need changed and tell you. An easy way to tell yourself if it’s time for a filter cleaning or replacement is if no light shines through when held up to the light. 
  3. Low refrigerant fixes. Cooling your home or business isn’t quite as effective when the chemical responsible for the cold air is running low. Refrigerant can run low or need charging after years of use. A low supply can also be caused by leaks. If you see puddles of liquid around your air conditioner, this is most likely the case. 
  4. Compressor tune-ups. The workhorse of an air conditioner, a compressor is essential to keep everything running properly. Sometimes it just needs tuned up, but it can also have trouble if not kept at the proper temperature. It’s also dependent on refrigerant, so our techs will take a look at that too. 
  5. Drain line cleaning. The drain lines to your air conditioner help get rid of condensation. They typically run near your air conditioner or below your house, and get rid of extra moisture. Sometimes dirt, grime and other things make it into the lines and trap the liquid in, which is dangerous for your unit. It can be a dirty job cleaning these, but we take care of this so you don’t have to worry. 
  6. Worn out parts. Sometimes older units have parts that just wear out over time. There’s little to do but replace these, but our service technicians are able to take care of it with the replacement part in a quality-focused and cost-effective manner. 
  7. Air conditioner cleaning. This is probably the most common fix that’s done by any Dallas AC service. Leaves, debris, dust, or any number of things can get into your air conditioner and slow it down. It leads to the fan spinning inefficiently and makes the entire unit work harder. While hosing down your air conditioner is easy, it can be tricky to figure out exactly what can’t be sprayed and what needs to be turned off. That’s why we also offer safe cleaning services that are guaranteed to clear out any unwanted debris from your air conditioner. 
  8. Electrical problems. Sometimes wires and their connections face erosion and other problems. Air conditioners are typically located outside, so they’re subject to inclement weather, pests, and more. Because of this, the electrical connections can occasionally get messed up or fried, causing you entire air conditioner to stop working. We also offer services to fix this for any major air conditioner brands. 

These services are all available to DFW residents through Air Conditioning Dallas. These are some of the main issues homeowners and businesses run into with their air conditioners. Though we’ve provided a short list of common services, we offer even more based on what you need. 

Average air conditioning service costs

Having to call an air conditioning repairman is always dreaded by home- and business-owners. In Texas, it’s especially rough since it means that not only your air conditioner isn’t working, but also that you’re too warm. The heat of a Texas summer is no joke, and that’s why we try to make it as painless as possible with our fair service costs. 

The average cost for AC unit service ranges anywhere from $100 to $500. The cost varies based on what’s needing to be done or replaced. Typically, the cost is somewhere in the middle of the two numbers. 

If all your air conditioner needs is hosed off, or something quick, the cost is fairly low. The more expensive bills generally come when a large or important part needs replaced, or when multiple pieces need fixed. 

A/C Service options to fit your needs

Fortunately, we offer options to fit every Dallas resident’s needs. Knowing what we do about every person being different, we take care to keep you in mind when it comes time for AC service and the unexpected costs. 

Our technicians are guaranteed to give you a fair price when they fix your air conditioner. Whatever’s needed, we value being competitive in the DFW area while providing the highest-quality service. Give us a call the next time you’re in need of air conditioner services, and we’d be happy to get you a quote.