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Dallas Air Conditioner Replacement

Every great once in a while, your trusty old air conditioner is bound to stop working. Due to a lack of maintenance, exposure to the elements, or just being old, ac units break down from time to time. Keeping an older unit running can be a lot of work, so a full air conditioner replacement is the way to go if you want to save money in the long run. 

At Air Conditioning Dallas, we can replace your old air conditioner with a newer, more reliable, and more efficient model. We carry top of the line brands known for trustworthiness and efficiency. Trane and Lennox — our in-house brands — are both great options. 

AC replacement options

As a manufacturer, Trane creates all their parts in-house. Because of this, every part of Trane’s air conditioner works flawlessly with one another. They also have an incredible 10 year warranty, so you don’t have to worry about your newly replaced air conditioner. 

Our other brand option is Lennox. Lennox has been around for over 100 years. The company has led a legacy of constant innovation, always pushing the limits. Today, their air conditioners are the most efficient in the industry, and are just as reliable. 

We’re proud to work with both of these brands, as they represent the same qualities of reliability and efficiency that we take pride in. With multiple air conditioner offerings from both of our in-house HVAC brands, Air Conditioning Dallas is bound to have an ac unit that works for you. 

Average cost to replace air conditioner

When ac replacement time comes around, the biggest concern for most homeowners is the price tag. Here in Texas, where cold air can be essential for most of the year, air conditioner replacement can still catch home and business owners off guard. New units — though they’ll last you for many years to come — can be a big investment for their owners. 

Total a/c unit replacement average cost

The national average cost for replacing an entire conditioning system is around $8000, including the air conditioner, new ductwork, labor, and removal of the old system. In Texas, you’ll typically want a larger ac unit that can keep up with our extreme heat in the summer. 

The price can vary based on the size of your home. If your house is larger, or has 2 stories, sometimes you’ll need 2 air conditioners to keep everything cool. 

It can also vary based on what you get with your replacement. If you just replace the air conditioning unit, or opt out of extras, you’ll generally end up paying less — but you can miss out on savings from efficiency. Here, we’ve broken each part of the total replacement and it’s typical costs. 

  • Replacing your air conditioner. Purchasing and installing a new air conditioner is the biggest part of replacing an entire air conditioner system. A brand new central ac unit will usually cost you around $5000. For a top-end ac unit, you’ll pay around $7000 to $8000. There are excellent offerings at both ends of the price spectrum, but you’ll find the greatest reliability and efficiency with more high-end air conditioners. Paying for installation is necessary, since building codes require ac systems to be installed by a licensed HVAC technician. 
  • Ductwork replacement. Ducts are responsible for carrying the cold air from your air conditioner into your home. As they get older, they can be subject to decreased efficiency and leaks. This is ordinarily caused by erosion, but at times  is also due to animals, location, and other variables. Installing ducts will usually run you around $2000 for an average sized home. 
  • Replacing your thermostat. This piece is important for monitoring and telling your new air conditioner when to work. The brain and remote control of your air conditioning system, thermostats need to be taken care of as well. Modern smart thermostats will run you around $100-$200 on average, and some will even let you control the temperature from your phone.
  • Removing old equipment. The cost for removing old equipment is usually around $1000 on its own. Depending on the size of your air conditioner and the amount of ductwork you need taken out, the price will vary. 
  • Replacing and adding extras. Other important parts, like filters and air purifiers, can cost you extra as well. Depending on what you want, it can run anywhere from $20 for a filter to $500 for a quality air purifier. Other options are also available, but you’ll usually save including these in a larger package. 

The total cost of these individual replacements add up to more than the average replacement package— and that’s not even including installation labor costs. Because of this, it’s usually the most cost-effective choice if you’re able to get it all done at once. At Air Conditioning Dallas, we offer a variety of packages so you can find what works for you. 

Does home owner insurance cover air conditioner replacement?

Your home insurance will usually cover any replacements needed if they’re caused by external circumstances. If your air conditioner is destroyed or broken due to a fire, lightning, or an area-wide flood, you’re generally covered when it comes to replacement costs. Any damage from natural disasters is also covered if your insurance includes that type of coverage. In addition, if your air conditioner is vandalized or even stolen, your homeowner insurance will usually cover that too.

If your ac unit breaks down on its own, that’s not covered by insurance. At that point, it’s a home or business owner’s cost. 

Though damage is uncommon, things do happen and it’s good to check with your insurance when they do. Be sure to give your insurer a call before you replace your HVAC system to see what they cover. 

Air conditioner replacement near me

If you’re in the DFW Metro area and need the most out or your next air conditioner replacement, go no further than Air Conditioning Dallas. We service the entire DFW area, including surrounding cities.