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Dallas HVAC repair services

Needing quality air conditioning in Dallas, Texas is serious business — especially when summer rolls around. Because it gets so hot here, keeping your air conditioner in good shape is essential. With almost 40 years servicing the DFW area, we at Air Conditioning Dallas know how to keep your air conditioning cool come summertime. 

Since we’ve learned a few things in our four decades of business, we realize just how important quick repair can be, any time of the day or week. We provide 24/7 service that’s run by real people. Typically, it’s no more than a couple of hours until one of our expert technicians can get to you for HVAC repair. 

At Air Conditioning Dallas, we’re always here to help — whether it’s repairing your system or just knowing what to look for. It’s important that you know what to look for when your HVAC needs fixing. It can save you a decent chunk of money and a big headache. We’ve put together the steps to help you do a self-diagnosis and know what to do when repair time comes around. 

Knowing when it’s HVAC repair time

Sometimes, the best way to make sure your air conditioner or heater is working when it really matters, is knowing when repairs are needed. The main signs to look for are:

Strange noises. These can mean a number of things, but are important to pay attention to. Squeaking, screeching, or virtually any sound of metal on metal is a bad sign when it comes to your air conditioner. Fortunately, fixing it can be as easy as tuning it up and tightening components. In a worse case, it can also be a sign that the fan or another part needs replaced.

Incorrect temperatures. The simplest way to tell if your HVAC system needs repair is recognizing when it’s blowing hot air or cold air at the wrong time. If your ac unit is blowing but warm air is coming out, it means that the condenser or evaporator isn’t functioning correctly. In the same way, your heater may need its heat exchanger repaired if it blows cool air in winter. 

Constant or too-frequent run cycles. Another important sign that repair is needed is if your system is running non-stop or too much. If that’s the case, your unit is running improperly and can drastically raise your monthly bills. The cost of repairing your HVAC system to run more efficiently will be much lower in the long run, so it should be checked as soon as possible. 

Typically, this just means a tune-up is needed, but it can mean more. When it’s not solved by a tune-up, it can be caused by several different things — from a broken thermostat to a condenser coil in disrepair. It’s important to note that in the hotter months, your air conditioner will run more often to keep up. The same goes for heaters in winter.

Odors or high humidity. If the air from your ac unit or heater smells bad, there’s a chance that your ventilation system has a leak of some sort. Leaks can be caused by rust, animals, and more. Left unrepaired, a leak can allow mold and other harmful pollutants into the air you breathe. Since ventilation systems are typically located below your home or in your attic, they can be tricky to get to. Our inspectors are more than qualified to find the leaks in your home and crawl into those spaces you’d rather not. 

Finding the best Dallas HVAC repair

Now that you know what to look for if your HVAC system is needing work, it’s time to find a quality AC repair company to get the job done. When you’re looking for one, it’s important to check online for reviews. They can be your best friend and help you sift through Dallas’ many HVAC repair businesses. You can even call companies to find out more and compare initial quotes. 

Another thing to look for is how long the repair company has been in business. The longer a company has been working in the area, the more experience they’re going to have taking care of their community. That’s why we pride ourselves on having been in business for nearly 40 years. 

At Air Conditioning Dallas, we’ve been in the city for years and know just how rough the hot summers can get, especially without air conditioning. Because of our experience, we know exactly what Dallas residents need to stay comfortable year round. We’re able to lend our expertise and provide the best value in town for HVAC repair.

Repairing your HVAC system

If you’ve found the right company for your HVAC repair services, the next step is the most exciting one — getting it repaired! Taking what you’ve realized was wrong with your air conditioning system, our licensed experts will do a thorough inspection. Once they diagnose the issue, our qualified team will put together a quote for you. You’ll be able to choose your best option, and then we’ll get you fixed in no time at all.

Some of our most common repairs are due to thermostats, fuses, and general wear and tear. Though they can be a hassle for homeowners, these repairs are a breeze for our repair technicians. 

Other common repairs are air filters and unit cleanings. It’s easy to forget about replacing a filter, and taking time to hose your AC unit down just doesn’t always happen. Our technicians know how to do that safely and quickly, to make sure your unit is running smoothly and clean air is blowing into your house.

Qualified HVAC repair technicians

Air Conditioning Dallas’ technicians are extremely knowledgeable. They’re required to have repair certifications that qualify them to fix just about any air conditioning or furnace and heating system. They’re able to do even the most difficult repairs with quality and skill. 

Whatever HVAC repairs that DFW residents need, we’re able to help and get them taken care of quickly. Next time you’re in need of repairs, give us a call and we’ll get you back up and running in no time.