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​Stars sign Denis Gurianov once again

After much restructuring, the Dallas Stars have signed Denis Gurianov once again. The rookie wing will be returning for a two year contract valued at $5.1 million, or $2.55 million per year. The Stars are excited to see the young player returning after being moved last year to the AHL’s Texas Stars, a junior development team that feeds into the NHL’s Dallas Stars. Players drafted into the Dallas Stars can be placed on the Texas Stars team, and vice versa, as needed between the two leagues.
The star Russian wing is still a rookie to the NHL, despite having played professionally in Russia’s Minor Hockey League and Kontinental Hockey League since the age of seventeen. In his time with the MHL and KHL, Gurianov played as a wing for team Lada Togliatti. Similar to the Dallas and Texas Stars relationship, Lada Togliatti has teams in multiple league levels of hockey – from junior leagues all the way up the Russian Superleague (formerly known as the International Hockey League), the highest level of Russian professional hockey.
For his American hockey debut, Gurianov was drafted to the Texas Stars for the 2016 season. After his first season, he was moved to the Dallas Stars for a year, and then back to the Texas Stars. In 2018, Gurianov was brought back to the Dallas Stars roster. Playing for the Dallas Stars against the Calgary Flames in the 2020 Stanley Cup playoffs, Gurianov became the first player to score four goals in a playoff game for the team. There’s little doubt that he’ll continue to be a valuable piece to the Stars’ roster, especially since he’s proven that he comes through when it matters most.
Though Dallas fans are excited for his re-signing, there is still some concern that Gurianov could be picked up by another team in the off-season, even more so after his recent triumphs. In his current state, Gurianov is still considered a “restricted free agent.” This essentially means that he has played in the NHL long enough to no longer be considered a rookie, but has not yet played in enough games to be considered unrestricted. In the period before this next year’s season begins, there is still a possibility that Gurianov could accept a better offer from another team in the league. Being a hot commodity after his show-stopping performances last season, only time will tell if Gurianov stays with the team. We are certainly hopeful that he’ll stick with the Stars, and are excited to keep you updated on any breaking Dallas Stars news.