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DFW Air Conditioning Tips: AC Filter Replacement and Upkeep

dallas ac filter replacement
Dallas AC filter replacement

Regular AC filter replacement and upkeep unintentionally falls by the wayside for many DFW home and business owners. With how busy life can get — running kids around or running a business — it’s no wonder why. Air filters can seem like the least of one’s worries. While they may hide behind the scenes, your air filter does a ton of work to keep your home safe. Modern filters block far more than dust and dirt. There’re a lot of benefits to maintaining your AC filter, and we at Air Conditioning Dallas hope we can help you keep yours in its best condition.

In Texas, no filter upkeep leads to much higher costs

Fewer than 1 out of 5 people change their filter according to the manufacturer guidelines. Just as many don’t think it’s necessary to change at all. Unfortunately, this thinking can lead to the decreased efficiency of your entire HVAC system, drastically reducing its entire life. By not changing your filter, the decreased efficiency can also lead to even greater running costs. In the Dallas area, your AC system works hard already in the heat. Costs tend to be higher than usual in Texas’ warm months, so there’s no need to raise them even more. Many excellent filters can be found for less than $50, far less than the cost of an entirely new AC unit or the cost of running an inefficient unit.

Replacing AC filters protects your home and your health

In addition to higher costs, health is another important reason to replace your filter. They get less effective once the manufacturer usage time is up, allowing nasty particles to build up on the filter and seep into the air your breathe. These can include mold spores, pet dander, and other pollutants that are harmful to health. Quality filters are able to block those things from coming in through your air ducts. Recently, many homes and businesses have made it a point to get high-end filters that can block virus particles.

Know the AC filter rating that’s right for your DFW home or business

It’s important to choose the right kind of filter for you to protect your air and maximize good air flow in your home or business. The MERV scale (maximum efficiency reporting value) was invented to measure how well an air filter can block contaminants. The scale goes all the way from one to 20. While 20 tends to be rare — many standard air conditioners have to work hard to push air through — MERV 13 AC filters and up are quite effective at blocking viruses and more. It’s important to pick the right one for your AC unit to achieve the right balance between clean air and an effective

Our knowledgeable team is always available to help you find the right kind of filter for your home or business. We supply a range of high quality AC filters for Dallas-area homes and businesses. Once we’ve found you the perfect filter fit, our HVAC technicians can install it and even come replace them at their scheduled times. Contact our team today for your filter and find out why the DFW area has trusted us for over 30 years.