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Native Dallas band, Luna Luna, releases new song and other music updates

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Oak Cliff’s own Luna Luna finally released their newest song just two weeks ago, on October 23rd. The new synth-heavy track is titled “Time” and features a hint of Latin sound and all the hallmarks of a hit indie rock ballad. The song itself is a commentary on time’s tendency to get away from us, and how it keeps going “on and on.” Overall, it stays true to Luna Luna’s signature style.

“Time” is an excellent example of Luna Luna’s ability to combine retro indie rock music with their heritage Latin sound, a recurring them in their music. As a band, Luna Luna can be categorized as both indie rock and LatinX. Though they all hail from Dallas and still reside in the area, each member of the band is of Hispanic descent. They utilize their indie rock theme as a way to get their LatinX sound into the US mainstream. It’s common throughout all of their songs to feature hints of traditional Latin sound, whether that be from switching to Spanish lyrics or using horns or other classic instruments.

Luna Luna’s legacy

Luna Luna’s unique music has been a staple in the Dallas-Fort Worth since 2015. They released their first official album back in 2018, titled “For Lovers Only.” Prior to “For Lovers Only,” Luna Luna had released multiple singles, many of which were featured on their first album. They had also collaborated with several other well-known LatinX-Indie artists, including LYTA and ASH. Luna Luna also released songs made with DJ JAKEGATEWOOD of Fort Worth and Pretty Boy Aaron of Dallas. Though only being a part of Dallas’s music scene for a short time, Luna Luna has made a name for themselves due to their unique style. We believe the band has what it takes to be an indie rock great, and look forward to what’s next from them. You can listen to their newest song, “Time,” on Spotify now.

Other music news

In other Dallas music news, Christmas is already here with iHeart Radio’s Star 1.021. The radio station decided to give everyone a jump start on the holiday season by offering Christmas music 24/7 from now until the end of this holiday season. While it’s a little early to most, celebrating the holidays a little earlier might be just what the doctor ordered for some this year.

The Dallas Observer is bringing back their music awards for 2020, where DFW residents will get to vote on their favorite local acts, songs, and musicians in virtually every category. In previous years, the Dallas Observer’s Music Awards have been an in-person event featuring live acts. This year, it’ll be all online. They’ve just released their nominees for this year’s awards on their website (see them all here), and we couldn’t be more excited to see who wins.

We look forward to keeping you up-to-date on the latest music happenings in Dallas, and have our fingers crossed that Luna Luna will be releasing another album this year or early the next.

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​Everette Harp and Tim Bowman Jazz Show at The Grove

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Famous jazz musicians, Everette Harp and Tim Bowman, will be playing a lively jazz show in the city as part of the Bishop Arts Jazz Series.
Everette Harp, a Grammy-nominated jazz saxophonist, is most famous for his album “Jazz Funk Soul” and playing a part in the intro song of TV series “Soul Train.” He comes from Houston and first got started with gospel music. Though playing in and being involved with the jazz scene for years, Harp began releasing his own music as early as 1987 with the song “There’s Still Hope.” After more than thirty years in the music industry, Harp will be bringing his amazing talent to The Grove for the jazz show of a lifetime.
A native of Detroit, Tim Bowman is a gospel musician who found his way into the jazz scene. Bowman, much like Everette Harp, got his start in the gospel scene as a young man. After years in music, he has released multiple solo albums since the 1990s. Bowman was featured in the top 20 of Billboard’s Contemporary Jazz charts for his 2008 self-titled album, “Tim Bowman.” Bowman is a talented musician that we cannot wait to see live.
The pairing of Everette Harp and Tim Bowman is sure to be fantastic. The masterful pair will be playing Dallas Zoo’s The Grove on October 10th, and tickets will be for sale on

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CMA Awards plan to honor Charley Pride

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It was recently announced that the Country Music Association will be giving Dallas resident Charley Pride a Willie Nelson Lifetime Achievement Award soon. Pride is one of the greats of country music, so it’s no surprise that he’s receiving the same award given to Willie Nelson and Dolly Parton. We’re excited to see this Dallas artist be honored, as he definitely is deserving of it and it brings even more renown to our great city.

Pride’s history

Charley Pride is known as “the Jackie Robinson of country music.” As a black man, he came onto the country music scene in the mid-1900s – a time when there was virtually no diversity in his genre. His music was so great that it allowed him to break into the country music scene, overcoming the difficult adversity at the time that was a person of color trying to get into an overwhelmingly white field. According to Dallas News, Pride is still the only black person to win the Country Music Association’s Entertainer of the Year award. He received his all the way back in 1971. In 1975, he became the first black person to host the CMA Awards1. In 2000, Pride was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame2.

Though Charley Pride’s music is no doubt his largest success, he has led a very interesting life. Born in 1934, Pride went on to become a professional baseball player in the Negro American League. During that time, he played for the Memphis Red Sox. After that, Pride was drafted into the US Army, where he was stationed in Colorado. He ended up playing for his fort’s baseball team during his service, even sending them to the Army’s baseball championship4.

Pride managed to keep working towards his country music career during this entire time, recording songs and meeting folks in the music business. Once he finally had a song take off, Pride had a short performing career before joining up and becoming the first black member of the Grand Ol Opry5. From there, Charlie Pride’s career boomed. He released several songs and performed all over, leading to where he is now.

An inspiration to others

Dallas’s Pride has been an inspiration for many current African American country music artists, including other CMA award-winning Darius Rucker – who will be just the second black person to host the upcoming CMA awards. Pride’s career of overcoming racism serves as an inspiration for anyone wanting to overcome adversity because of the color of their skin. Even though he’s released some amazing country music, Pride is equally known for his hard work to get into the scene. We look forward to watching these next Country Music Association Awards next week, and can’t wait to see the talented Charlie Pride receive his well-deserved Willie Nelson Lifetime Achievement award.

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Santana and Earth, Wind and Fire Playing Dos Equis Pavilion in July

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The two icons of classic rock and disco have rescheduled their upcoming “Miraculous Supernatural” tour for July 2021. Though coming into their own as bands around the same times, the tour featuring both Santana and Earth, Wind and Fire comes as a surprising, yet exciting, event due to the different sounds of each.

Legendary Santana has been around since 1966 in the US, founded by Carlos Santana. Since its debut and long and tumultuous career as a band, Santana has become a fixture of classic rock and a benchmark of guitar skill. It is noted as one of the best-selling groups of all time (Wikipedia) and has won multiple Grammy awards.
Earth, Wind and Fire is a band that spans across multiple genres, but is mostly known for its unforgettable contribution to the worlds of disco and Afro pop. The band’s most famous song, “September” is a well-known hit that you’ve likely heard at a school dance or wedding.  Much like Santana, Earth, Wind and Fire is also one of the best-selling groups of all time. The band has been inducted into the Songwriter’s, Rock and Roll, and Vocal Group Halls of Fame. Earth, Wind and Fire has also received seven Grammy awards and four American Music Awards (Wikipedia).
The duo is sure to impress at the upcoming Dallas show in an act sure to make history. Santana and Earth, Wind and Fire will be playing Dos Equis Pavilion on July 16, 2021.

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