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City lists open bid for removal of “Shingle Mountain”

On September 24th, an open bid for the removal of the controversial 70,000 ton mountain of shingles in South Dallas to the nearby McCommas Bluff Landfill was posted.

Shingle Mountain, the abandoned roof shingle recycling facility off of Central Expressway, has been more than an eyesore for years to the city. Area residents and environmental activists alike have called for its removal due to the danger it poses to air quality, since the shingles cause fiberglass dust to fill the air. To attempt getting the mountain removed, one resident went so far as to create the Southern Sector Rising organization. The group works with other legal groups, including Downwinders At Risk and Texas Rising, to push for not only the removal of Shingle Mountain, but also changes to environmental zoning in Texas that protect low income and minority neighborhoods from other similar incidents.

Due to the massive effort by members of the Dallas community, the city listed the opening worth $450,000 and has already received bids from multiple businesses. The top bid will still have to pass City Council in a vote happening on October 13th, so members of the city are nervous, but remaining hopeful, that this will finally be it for Shingle Mountain.

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