Dallas Mavericks

Dallas Mavs unveil pre-season schedule

basketball game dallas mavericks
“Houston Rockets v Dallas Mavericks” by dannyb is licensed with CC BY 2.0.

The Mavericks recently unveiled this years pre-season schedule. The pre-season shifted this year due to last season’s late start. Despite its late start, it comes just in time for the holidays. Typically limited to only a few games, the pre-season is a hit with fans for multiple reasons.

This years pre-season schedule features 2 away games and just 1 at home. The Mavs will play the first 2 away games against the Milwaukee Bucks. The games take place on December 12th and 14th, just before Christmas. Dallas‘ final pre-season game will be on December 17th — also prior to the holiday — against the Minnesota Timberwolves.

The pre-season games are always a great way for teams to showcase their new talent. They also give NBA teams the chance to test out and finalize their starting lineups against teams that are near their level. We’re excited to see the Dallas Mavericks’ new lineup next Monday. They’ve put a lot of work into perfecting their lineups to make up for last season’s shortcomings.

This season’s top players

Next season is sure to be a good one for the Mavericks with newer player Luka Doncic. The Slovenian player was the youngest person to make the Real Madrid team, and has continued to break barriers with the Mavs. He joined the team in 2018 at the age of 19, and has been one of the teams best players. He’s a shooting guard for the team, and is sure to have an even better season after more time to adjust this time around.

In addition to Doncic, the team also has stars Tim Hardaway, Kristaps Porzingins, and James Johnson to lead the team to victory. We’re excited to see all of them face off against the Bucks and Timberwolves in the coming weeks.

Main season starting soon

The official season will be starting up on December 22nd. The schedule for it has yet to be publicly announced, but we’re sure the pre-season will offer the team enough time to work out any kinks. The main season will continue off of last season’s changes due to COVID. Because of this, we’re sure to see more interesting problem-solving to make sure games happen.

We’ll be watching these next few games closely to learn more about the team this season, and plan to keep you updated on what we learn about the Mavericks. Keep up-to-date on the Mavs schedule with their official website.

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Dallas Cowboys

Beloved Cowboys coach passes

stadium panorama dallas cowboys
“Dallas Cowboys Stadium” by John Purget is licensed with CC BY 2.0.

Just last Wednesday, November 25th — the day before Thanksgiving — we saw the unfortunate loss of one of the Cowboys’ coaches. Markus Paul was the strength and conditioning coach for the team. He had been in Dallas since 2018, initially starting as an assistant coach. Players and staff loved Paul, and are sad to see his passing.

The loss of Markus Paul came unexpectedly on Wednesday. The team was getting ready for a practice when he reportedly suffered a stroke in the locker room. Most players were just arriving when it happened, but those that had showed early were in the locker room with him. Members of the coaching staff rushed to his aid and helped him until paramedics arrived.

Paul’s stroke came unexpected to everyone. He had no known medical history with them. Many are still coping with his unfortunate loss a week later, and no new head strength and conditioning has been named at this time.

A great career

Though Markus Paul’s life was tragically cut short, we can all agree that he lived a full one. As a coach, he had a career lasting over 20 years. He first began as an assistant strength and conditioning coach for Syracuse, his alma mater, back in 1998. He later went professional and coached under legend Bill Belichick, going to multiple Super Bowls.

Prior to his coaching career, Paul played as a defensive back in college and professionally. He went to school at Syracuse, where he played for his entire time in college. After Syracuse, the Chicago Bears recruited Paul. He played as a defensive back there for 4 years before moving briefly to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

While not the most tumultuous of careers, Markus Paul led a great one with multiple highlights. His players and staff are heartbroken by his passing. While his assistants are sure to be effective, they won’t fill the void left by his passing. His passion for the game, for taking care of his players, and for being a good person was unrivaled.

We at Air Conditioning Dallas are sad to see him go, and wish the entire Cowboys family comfort in such a difficult time.

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DFW Music

McKinney’s Red Zeppelin record store is a hit

vintage records dallas music
“Records” by Will Folsom is licensed with CC BY 2.0.

One of this year’s newest and best additions to McKinney, Red Zeppelin Records brings great music to town. It comes from the same great mind that launched McKinney store, The Groovy Coop. When in-the-know owner Katie Scott saw the opportunity for a new space, she knew exactly what the city needed.

The best new record store in town

Red Zeppelin comes during a difficult time. It opened in the place of another shop that had to close because of the pandemic. When Scott noticed the shop closing near her other store — The Groovy Coop — she immediately knew Red Zeppelin would be a good replacement.

The Groovy Coop is a popular vintage store in town that specializes in art and clothing. It’s got an over-arching hippie vibe, with plenty of tie-dye and enough colors to match anyone’s desires. It also has plenty of knick-knacks, and already has a similar feel to many record stores.

It’s no surprise then that Scott’s next step was to open Red Zeppelin Records. The store fits neatly into her passions, and lends a great deal of character to suburban McKinney. It — like Groovy Coop — has a retro feel that welcomes people from all backgrounds. Red Zeppelin also manages to be one of only a few woman-owned record stores in the state, another great feature.

Katie Scott’s history with Texas

The owner has been involved in the DFW area for a long time. Scott grew up in North Texas and went to college there. She went on to teach at Allen ISD before going off on her own to launch the Groovy Coop. The store has been successful so far and has given Scott the opportunity to get creative. If Red Zeppelin Records turns out anything like the other store, it’ll no doubt be a success.

The new store sells a variety of new and used records. It also sells records from local artists, giving them a unique opportunity to get their names out. So far, Red Zeppelin has maintained an excellent social media campaign. Each day, they highlight a different record based on a theme or inform followers about a musician. Those themes include Punk Tuesdays and Women In Music Wednesdays. Regardless of the music choices that week, followers are sure to find an informative look and some great new music to listen to.

We’re excited to see more of this new record store. We hope it’s able to continue bringing a unique flair to McKinney and provide us with more great music to listen to while we’re stuck inside. Be sure to check it out next time you’re passing through McKinney. You can also find them on Facebook or show support and buy their current records on the Red Zeppelin website.

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DFW Schools

Hurst-Euless-Bedford schools back online

online schools dallas isd
“Computer Keyboard” by transcendethics

The HurstEulessBedford Independent School District has faced a difficult decision in whether or not to move classes online. Over the past few weeks, administrators have considered cancelling any in-person classes. In just the last 2 weeks, they officially made the decision to go back online.

Hurst-Euless-Bedford ISD’s latest change to the school year follows a recent spike in COVID cases. Initially, the plan was to close the 2 HEB ISD schools that had the highest rates. As the virus continued to spread, the district realized that further action was required.

The risk of online schooling

Because of its need to make a change, the school looked into ways to go back to online classes. The risk with doing so was losing funding from the state of Texas. Fortunately, they were able to find a way forward. According to, “the Texas Education Agency has given school districts the option to move to all remote learning for five days without any impact on funding.” With this change in rules, DFW-area schools now have a much better route to decrease their COVID numbers.

Despite going online being a big change on the school’s part, it won’t be too different for students. They’ve already spent the first part of the year with online curriculum. The sudden change will certainly push students to be flexible, but it’ll also keep them safe.

Other ISDs going online-only

While one of the earliest to capitalize on the online-only opportunity, HEB has by no means been the first. ISDs in the cities of Coppell, Sanger, Keller, and more have closed schools and moved online to keep their students safe.

This new plan for HEB ISD comes in a school year that’s already been full of changes. Since the pandemic began, schools across the United States have changed course. The virus has caused some schools to end entire years early, others to start later, and many to go to online-only classes.

We’ve surely not seen the end of it yet, but are thankful that North Texas has such great teachers and administrators in it school systems. We know they’ll make the right choice for their independent school districts, and we’ll keep you updated as those changes come.

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TCU’s Marcel Brooks on the sidelines

defensive line tcu football
“Walter Kazee nowhere to go” by Dirk DBQ is licensed with CC BY 2.0.

A newcomer to TCU’s football program, Marcel Brooks has ended up on the sidelines over the past couple games. Brooks is one of this year’s new transfer students and has incredible potential. He plays the linebacker position, but also manages to be quick on his feet. He comes from Louisiana State University, where he was one of their top defensive lineman.

No stranger to Texas

Marcel Brooks came home, in a way, this past summer when he decided to transfer to TCU. He comes from Flower Mound, Texas — just outside of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. There, he played multiple positions on the Marcus High football team. Because of his quickness, he played as a wide receiver and a defensive lineman.

During his time in Flower Mound, he was one of the top players in the area. Because of his and the teams talent, he won two different awards in his senior year of high school. In 2018, Brooks won Second Team MaxPreps All-American and his team won the Second Team ALL-USA Texas Football Team award. It was a remarkable year for the defensive team, even by North Texas high school football standards.

He went on to be one of the top recruits for the LSU Tigers that next year, in 2019. True to his versatile play-style, Brooks played as a safety in 11 games during his first season. Brooks proved to be a great safety too, even though it wasn’t his favored position. The team went on to win 2019’s national championship. His defensive line was a valuable asset to the entire team that year.

Brooks eventually moved back to his original lineman position after the 2019-2020 season. He entered the college football transfer portal the next summer, and was picked up by TCU. The school was looking to improve their defense at time, so he was a great choice.

TCU’s exciting new prospect

We were excited to see what Brooks could bring to TCU’s defensive line once the season went into full swing. So far, we’ve seen him play for only a miniscule amount of time. He’s been out with an undisclosed injury for the past two games, and some are wondering if the team is even working out for him. He’s been on the sidelines for both the Texas Tech and Baylor games now, and possibly more. According to, he is still an active member on the team.

We have yet to see what happens next for Marcel Brooks in this already strange season, but will certainly keep you up-to-date with more TCU football news.

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Dallas City Council Dallas Police News

A new police chief for Double Oak

double oak police chief dfw news
Queensland State Archives

In current news, the Denton County town of Double Oak just announced a new police chief this past week. The new chief will be filling in the place of previous chief, Derrick Watson. Though Double Oak is a fairly quiet town, it still definitely was in need of a new head to its police force in Watson’s absence.

The new chief

Double Oak’s city council decided to appoint Ruben Rivas as the new chief on Monday, November 16th. Rivas has been an officer in the town for over 15 years now. He’s been in law enforcement for even longer, with 21 total years now. Rivas also holds the certification of Master Peace Officer, awarded to him by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement. He’s also a graduate of the FBI’s law enforcement academy. Regardless of his experience, the previous Chief Watson leaves him some big shoes to fill.

Chief Watson’s leaving

Double Oak’s citizens loved Watson for his hard lines and care for the community. He had served in the Dallas police department before moving around to other cities around the DFW area. In Double Oak, he quickly became a fixture. The town’s residents will surely miss seeing him around.

He took a new position in Plainview, a small city between Lubbock and Amarillo. In Plainview, Watson will become the new chief of police and oversee a larger area than before. Though we and Double Oak are sad to see him leave, we’re happy to see him moving up in the world. Chief Watson will be officially starting his new role on December 1st.

In accordance with Chief Watson’s leaving, Double Oak’s new chief will also be starting his new position on December 1st. Chief Rivas won’t have to change too much, since he’s already on the force. Either way, the town is glad to see him — proven even more so by city council’s unanimous vote for him as chief.

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DFW Dining

Oak Lawn’s best restaurants

old school diner dallas dining
“Main Street Diner” by Muffet is licensed with CC BY 2.0.

We’ve taken a look at one of Dallas’s most progressive neighborhoods to find its best food. The Uptown district is known for being one the city’s most LGBTQ-friendly areas. It’s close to Downtown, so Oak Lawn has some great food and fantastic arts and nightlife. Because of its proximity to so many great amenities, it’s festivals are some of the liveliest. Check out our shortlist of places to try below, and read on to find out more about them.

  • Café Brazil
  • Hunky’s Old Fashioned Hamburgers
  • Sprezza Italian Restaurant
  • Lucky’s Café

Café Brazil

This restaurant has been a hit for the neighborhood. With a menu that rivals the Cheesecake Factory, Café Brazil has food to fit whatever one might be craving. Despite its broad range of options, the restaurant seems to have spent plenty of time perfecting each recipe. If you’re going for breakfast, be sure to try their Breakfast Relleno or the French Toast. They also have some excellent tacos if you’re not in the mood for breakfast. Café Brazil has some excellent coffee too, with plenty of flavors that perfectly tailor to whatever you order.

Hunky’s Old Fashioned Hamburgers

This joint specializes in classics with a twist. They’ve got all the classics you could want from a diner — burgers, great fries, and milkshakes. Hunky’s has an excellent Texas Cheeseburger, made with bacon and sandwiched between two slices of Texas toast. Be sure to give their milkshakes a try though. Upgraded with Blue Bell ice cream, the shakes are an instant classic.

Sprezza Italian Restaurant

This restaurant is perfect for date night in Oak Lawn. Sprezza is an upscale uptown spot with a menu that updates every season. Currently, they have an excellent Spaghettini Carbonara on the menu. Perfect for that date night as well, Sprezza has an excellent wine menu put together by master sommelier Sergio Quijano. When you’re ready for an interesting night out in Oak Lawn, be sure to give this excellent spot a try.

Lucky’s Cafe

Last of all, but certainly not least, Lucky’s Cafe is a Dallas institution. It’s a classic diner that’s been in Oak Lawn forever. Lucky’s has maintained the same classic, streamlined, neon-lit style that it started with. The spot has hearty portions and great diner-style food, with breakfast served all day. A popular spot for tourists, try to give this place a try during the week or in off-peak hours.

We hope this list helps your next venture to Oak Lawn. If you’re already a resident, hopefully it gives you some great new options to try. This is a shortlist of our favorites, but the neighborhood of Oak Lawn is home to many more fantastic restaurants and a great overall scene.

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Dallas Stars

Stars unveil new 2021 jersey

hockey jersey dallas stars
“#38 Vernon Fiddler” by ImageTek is licensed with CC BY 2.0.

Just this past week, the Dallas Stars revealed a new jersey design for 2021. The new jersey takes a few cues from the past and brings them to the present with a modern touch. It will replace the current design, which has been around since 2013.

A throwback to 90s jerseys

The new jersey features a classic five-point star shape that spreads down across the shoulders. The inspiration for this design comes all the way from the 90s. Dallas first used the all-over star theme on all their jerseys back in 1999. Coincidentally, that year was arguably one of their best seasons of all time. In 1999, the Stars, along with Brett “The Golden Brett” Hull, made it all the way through the playoffs and into the Stanley Cup finals. They won the Stanley Cup that year, with Hull scoring the final goal in an intense, teeth-clenching overtime round.

The retro design stuck around through much of the early 2000s. It saw some variations and changes during that period, but overall stayed true to the classic star shape. In 2007, the jersey was finally retired and replaced with something closer to what we see now.

The design that replaced it was meant to be clean and simple. In a way, it was almost an even bigger throwback to the early 90s. Notable for its classic lines, the jersey featured stripes on the sleeves and the Stars’ logo front and center. It’s been one of the longest running designs for the team, with variations of it being around for over 20 years.

An eye-catching new design

There’s no doubt that its a great, classic theme, but its quite similar to most other teams in the league. The all-over star jersey is eye-catching and something that no other team in the league could pull off. In addition to its striking appearance, it’s notorious to in-the-know fans that remember the 1999 Stanley Cup.

Because of its history and differentiation from a classic hockey jersey, we’re excited to see this design making a return. The new version uses minimalist lines and bigger logos to modernize the old design. It’s a sharp look — one that’s sure to stand out from other teams on the ice.

We’re hopeful that the new design will bring the same good luck that its predecessor did back in the 90s and early 2000s. Maybe it’ll even help the team pull together and win another Stanley Cup next year. At Air Conditioning Dallas, our fingers are crossed that the Stars can do it again. We look forward to keeping you updated as next season comes.

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Dallas Mavericks

Seth Curry leaving the Mavericks

curry basketball jersey dallas mavericks
“File:2009 NCAA Freshman of the Year Seth Curry.jpg” by Harris Walker is licensed with CC BY 2.0.

Just last night, ESPN announced that the Dallas Mavericks are trading Seth Curry to the Philadelphia 76ers. We were upset to see him leaving so suddenly, after spending only one season with the team. Curry has proven himself to be one of the better shooters in the league over the years.

Seth Curry has been a great player in the NBA for years now. He’s the younger brother of Stephen Curry, one of the top players in the league. Seth is also the son of an earlier NBA star, Dell Curry. Basketball seems to run in the family, so its no surprise that Philadelphia wanted him on their side.

No NBA rookie

He first began playing in the league back in 2013, playing for G-league team the Santa Cruz Warriors after graduating from Duke University. Curry moved on that same season to the Memphis Grizzlies, giving the main NBA league a try. He’s been a major star in the G-league levels, winning the All-Star award in 2014 and 2015. He paved his way to the main league with his excellent shooting skills, maintaining a shooting average around 20 points.

Onto the premier league

Curry began his full-time premier league career when he was recruited by the Sacramento Kings prior to the 2015-2016 season. Seth received an offer of $2 million over 2 years, fairly normal as far as rookie deals go. He had a very successful season with the team. Over the course of the 2015-2016 season, Curry managed to match or beat almost all of his career-highs.

He decided to try his prospects after that first season, instead of sticking around for his second year. In the summer of 2016, Dallas brought Curry on to the team. Unfortunately, he didn’t have too much play time due to leg injuries. He had to undergo surgery on his legs, and the Mavericks decided to let him go that same year.

After a brief recovery post-surgery, Curry was back on his feet. The Portland Trail Blazers gave him a deal in 2018, where he stayed before coming back to the Mavericks this past season.

We’ll miss seeing Seth Curry in Mavericks blue this next season, but are sure he’ll have a great time playing under his father-in-law and new coach, Doc Rivers.

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Dallas City Council

Sheltering rules updated by Dallas City Council

Winter Skyline Dallas City Council
“Calatrava Bridge with Downtown Dallas 2, 01-31-11” by skys the limit2 is licensed with CC BY 2.0.

Dallas’s City Council has once again updated rules regarding sheltering the homeless population. This change will be a welcome one that follows years of debate. Even then, it still isn’t exactly what some Dallas groups were looking for.

An update to the rule

On November 11th, City Council decided to update the rules for housing homeless residents overnight. The change will allow specific types of businesses to let the homeless stay overnight. Only specific, permitted businesses were allowed. Prior to the change, any business that was not on the list was given a fine or ticketed by the city.

According to DFW’s local NBC website, this all started when OurCalling let people in due to an impending extreme cold front. Almost two years ago now, this event caused quite a stir throughout the city. The Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center opened to the homeless that night. Unfortunately, the convention center did not have enough beds for everyone and many people were left out on the streets. OurCalling decided to take in many of those left without a warm place to sleep due to this. The next day, the business received a ticket for their kind actions. A faith-based organization, OurCalling is an outreach in the Cedars Neighborhood. It aims to aid the homeless and was only abiding by its mission. Businesses looking to help have fought since OurCalling’s stand to get this rule changed.

The coming winter

We at Air Conditioning Dallas are excited to see the change, especially with this rough winter coming up. It’ll be a difficult winter not only due to the cold, but also because of the pandemic. The rule change will allow churches and outreach organizations to house the homeless when emergency weather strikes. The caveat to the rule is that these businesses must be a half mile outside of Dallas’s financial district. Several of the city’s homeless residents stay in this downtown area, so it’s sure to displace many. It is still unsure whether or not the city will have enough beds to host the entire population.

OurCalling and other organizations like it plan to continue the fight. We have yet to see if Dallas City Council will make additional changes, but are hopeful they will. Regardless, this new change will allow many less-fortunate residents the opportunity to sleep somewhere warm this winter.

We provide this news as a service to our friends and neighbors. If you’re ever in need of AC repair in Dallas, Texas, we ask that you keep us in mind.