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Parklets coming to Dallas

Parklets Dallas City Council
“Parklets” by Cidades para Pessoas is licensed with CC BY 2.0.

In recent city news, Dallas has partnered with Better Block to make the city more inviting to diners during COVID. Parklets will be coming to Dallas through Better Block’s program. City council recently authorized the change to help local private businesses cope with the challenging times.

City Council chose Better Block because of it’s passion for revitalizing communities. The organization is a nonprofit that focuses on education first. It seeks to provide communities with the proper tools to bring their streets to life. Better Block believes in businesses’ and communities’ ability to empower change, which is just what Dallas’ hardworking residents need.

Because of the pandemic, Better Block has shifted to assisting urban areas with keeping their business booming. Downtown Dallas has struggled since the pandemic hit, so we’re hopeful that the organization is able to help.

Dallas City Council approves parklets

City Council just made the change to allow private businesses the opportunity to use city parking for outdoor space. While some parts of town have no issues, Downtown businesses have limited space because of the compact nature of the area. Parklets will offer a fun alternative to indoors, helping business to get back to normal.

With this change, many restaurants will now have the opportunity to serve guests outdoors in a safe manner. Other businesses, like coffee shops and stores, will now have the opportunity to expand outdoors. Overall, the change will benefit Dallas business greatly. It’ll also help to keep everyone safe, which is of utmost importance.

Parklets come to multiple cities

Parklets have been trending this year because of the pandemic. Several big cities have adopted them to help their businesses. Many are neatly decorated — with some even themed to match the restaurant they’re used by. They can be very fun to visit and allow visitors to once again support their favorite businesses.

We’re hopeful to see Downtown booming again soon with this new change. It’s bound to bring a plethora of new ideas to the city, especially knowing Dallas’ creative residents. Be sure to stay safe and check out your favorite Dallas spots to see if you can support from a parklet too.

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