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Next year’s NFL draft and more Cowboys updates

stadium panorama dallas cowboys
“Dallas Cowboys Stadium” by John Purget is licensed with CC BY 2.0.

If you’ve kept up with the NFL this season in any capacity lately, then it’s no secret that Dallas’s home team hasn’t had the best run so far. This season, they’ve seen several of their best players end up on the injured reserve roster due to actual injuries or COVID. It’s been unfortunate to have to watch our home team struggle, especially since we originally had such high hopes for this seasons’ lineup. Even though it’s been hard, we are starting to see the sun peeking out from behind the clouds, metaphorically speaking.

The way this season is going, the Dallas Cowboys should have one of the earliest draft picks for next season. That’ll allow them to continue the work they began last year in obtaining and holding onto new talent, and let the Cowboys to continue to bolster their team. According to Dallas Morning News, this would help the team to build up their “subpar defense” that they’re stuck with this season1.

Possible draft picks

Dallas Morning News’ article also talks about who they think would be the best new pick for the Cowboys this next season. The possible new players they list are Justin Fields – current quarterback for Ohio State, Zach Wilson – QB at Brigham Young University, Penei Sewell – offensive tackle for the University of Oregon, Micah Parsons – linebacker at Penn State, and Patrick Surtain II – cornerback for Alabama2.

Each of these players has the potential to bring their unique strengths to the field. Hopefully when next season comes around, COVID won’t be benching players anymore and the team will have some fantastic talent. At Air Conditioning Dallas, we think the Cowboys might just have a chance at a Superbowl next year if things keep trending in the right direction.

Last week’s game

In other news, Dallas didn’t manage to pull a win out against the Steelers this past week. They ended up losing the game 24 to 19. The Cowboys ended up putting Garrett Gilbert in for this game, following the trend of this season in cycling the team’s quarterbacks due to injuries. Gilbert is still fairly new to the league, joining in 2014, and has been moved around just about every year since to different teams3. For one of his first times really being active for the team, Gilbert did a decent job leading the offense against the Steelers.

The Steelers’ star quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger, ended up injuring both his knees after a tackle in last weeks’ game, according to Ian Rappaport’s Twitter account4. It looks like he’ll be just fine, but he may end up out for his next game.

The Cowboys have a bye-week coming up this weekend, so we hope the team will be able to rest up. If any of Dallas’s players currently on the injured reserve roster are able to get better and play in the next game against the Minnesota Vikings, we might just have a chance at a turn-around for the Cowboys this season.

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