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2007: Dallas Mavericks’ Best Season

Nowitzki Basketball Dallas Mavericks
“Houston Rockets v Dallas Mavericks” by dannyb is licensed with CC BY 2.0.

While waiting on the season to start back up, we’ve been reminiscing about 2007, the Dallas Mavericks’ best season of all time. The team had NBA greats Dirk Nowitzki and Josh Howard at the helm. Avery Johnson was head coach, one of the best the team has had. The Mavericks notably didn’t have the best post-season that year, but the regular season certainly made up for it.

The 2007 season was one for the history books. The years leading up to it were already great, with positive win-loss ratios. When Josh Howard first joined the Mavericks in 2003, the team saw another amazing season. The team had a 60-22 win/loss ratio and ranked as one of the best teams in the league. In 2005, when Avery Johnson had just become head coach, the team had 58 wins and 24 losses, another great year. In 2006, the team improved from the previous year and matched 2003 with another 60 wins and 22 losses. They seemingly could not stop getting better and better, and Dallas fans were enthralled.

Led by one of the Mavericks’ best

One recurring theme throughout all those years was one player – Dirk Nowitzki. The German-born center and Preston Hollow resident was continuously one of the NBAs best players. He won multiple awards over the years, including the All-Star award, Finals MVP, and Teammate of the Year. He continues to be one of the best players in NBA history, and has the record for most seasons with one team. When he retired in 2019, Mavericks fans were sad to see him go — but thankful for his contribution to the team. The 2007 season was not just the Maverick’s best season, but also Nowitzki’s. He led the team that year, and even won the NBA’s Most Valuable Player award.

An almost perfect season for Dallas

Because of the hard work he and the team put in, the team placed first in the Western conference. They had an upset loss against the Golden State Warriors in the playoffs, and ended up losing several games from that point. Though the post-season was rough, Dallas managed to pull off one of their best years of all time.

We’re hopeful that this next season is as lively as 2007. With so many new players — including Wes Iwundu, James Johnson, and Josh Richardson — the team will surely have some figuring out to do. If they’re able to make the team work, we may just have another great season like in the past. We have yet to see what happens when the regular season starts back up, but we plan to keep you updated along the way.

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