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Mavericks’ assistant coach leaves for the Houston Rockets

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“Dallas Mavericks bench” by dph1110 is licensed with CC BY 2.0.

This past week, it was announced that one of the Dallas Mavericks’ assistant coaches will be moving to the Houston Rockets. Stephen Silas, who has been coaching in the NBA for years, was named the new head coach of the Rockets on October 30th, according to the Mavericks’ official website1.  Since 2018, Stephen Silas has been a valuable addition to Dallas’s coaching team.

A tough few years for the Mavs

Since before Silas even joined the Mavs, the team had been struggling to get any wins under its belt for years. After only two years of being with the team, Silas was able to aid in getting the team back up to par with the rest of the league and even send them to the playoffs in the 2019-2020 season2. This was also attributed to the coaching team attracting better talent and the work of the players of course, but there’s no doubt that Silas’ leadership was an important factor as well.

Silas’ long NBA history

Prior to joining up with the Mavs, Silas was a notable figure in the professional basketball coaching world already. He is the son of Paul Silas, the long-time NBA player turned coach who headed up the Bobcats, Cavaliers, Clippers, and the Hornets in his thirty-two years. Because of this, some say Stephen Silas had too easy a path into coaching, as he was offered a position shortly after college by his father in 19993. Working under Paul, Stephen was an assistant coach and scout for the Charlotte Hornets.

After his time with the Hornets, Stephen went on to the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Wizards, Warriors, and Hornets before moving to the city of Dallas. There was also a brief period with the Hornets when Regardless of what anyone says about his entry into coaching in the NBA, there’s no doubt that Silas has done his time and worked hard on the long road to being a head coach. According to the same Mav’s website article, Coach Rick Carlisle – Silas’s current superior – thinks that he is “a great hire for the Rockets.” It’ll be sad to see Silas leave Dallas behind, especially after this last season being the first in years that the team has made it to the playoffs.

Working with a great team

We’re hopeful to see him turning around the Rockets next, as he’s got some great players to work with. With Russell Westbrook and James Harden, the Houston Rockets have been a good team so far. This past season, they were able to make it to the playoffs as well, but didn’t do too well there overall playing against the Lakers and Thunder. Silas is sure to be a great fit for the already decent team, so it’ll be interesting to watch how the Rockets do next season – especially if the Mavs and Rockets face off. We look forward to keeping you updated with any further news about Silas and the Mavericks.

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