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Stars and the NHL take a stand against racial injustice

Hockey players Dallas Stars
“Dallas Stars Center Ice Standoff” by tomasland is licensed with CC BY 2.0.

In recent news, the Dallas Stars have spoken out against the prevalent racial injustice seen across the US. They do so following protests across the world. These protests come in the wake of the police shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Throughout the US, protests erupted in order to make the injustice known. This was no exception for sports either. Everyone from the NBA, NFL, and virtually every other professional league, made statements or protested the shooting.

Change across the industry

The NHL previously came under fire for a lack of action following other police shootings. Other leagues had shown empathy for what was going on, with some going as far as postponing games. The NFL’s Colin Kaepernick is perhaps the most well-known athlete to take a stand. He’s known for kneeling during the national anthem in 2016. Kaepernick was promptly removed from the team and has yet to return to the league. Despite his firing, Kaepernick has remained a successful civil rights activist ever since. Due to his willingness to protest, so many athletes and even whole leagues feel they are able to utilize their voices for the cause.

Stars have led the NHL charge

Tyler Seguin of the Dallas Stars, a resident of Preston Hollow, has been attempting to use his position. A valuable player to the team, the Canadian Seguin plays as a center for the Stars. He has already become co-captain and won a Stanley Cup in his nine years in the league1. Arguably one of the most outspoken National Hockey League players of the moment, Seguin has publicly denounced the injustice. He has taken part in protests in the Dallas area and used his social media as a tool to get the word out.

In an interview with Sean Shapiro of Cedar Park, Texas, the previous NHL writer and Dallas Stars writer at The Athletic, Tyler Seguin stated that he intends to further this movement. To do so, Seguin will continue his involvement with the protests going on. He also intends to become more involved in initiatives within the NHL to promote diversity and racial justice. Seguin also decided to talk to other black players in the league to be a better ally and further understand their position. Though one of the first to step up, Seguin’s choices are beginning to spur change in the league. His actions are sure to make him a leader once again in the sports industry, and we hope that other players decide to follow suit.

Official NHL action

The NHL recently made the decision to postpone games on August 27th and 28th as a stand against racial injustice. Other professional sports leagues across the country have done the same.. These protests will hopefully have a profound effect throughout the US, and we are hopeful that they bring to light any further injustices. Though we’re in the offseason now, we’re looking forward to keeping you updated on more Dallas Stars news.

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