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Stars unveil new 2021 jersey

hockey jersey dallas stars
“#38 Vernon Fiddler” by ImageTek is licensed with CC BY 2.0.

Just this past week, the Dallas Stars revealed a new jersey design for 2021. The new jersey takes a few cues from the past and brings them to the present with a modern touch. It will replace the current design, which has been around since 2013.

A throwback to 90s jerseys

The new jersey features a classic five-point star shape that spreads down across the shoulders. The inspiration for this design comes all the way from the 90s. Dallas first used the all-over star theme on all their jerseys back in 1999. Coincidentally, that year was arguably one of their best seasons of all time. In 1999, the Stars, along with Brett “The Golden Brett” Hull, made it all the way through the playoffs and into the Stanley Cup finals. They won the Stanley Cup that year, with Hull scoring the final goal in an intense, teeth-clenching overtime round.

The retro design stuck around through much of the early 2000s. It saw some variations and changes during that period, but overall stayed true to the classic star shape. In 2007, the jersey was finally retired and replaced with something closer to what we see now.

The design that replaced it was meant to be clean and simple. In a way, it was almost an even bigger throwback to the early 90s. Notable for its classic lines, the jersey featured stripes on the sleeves and the Stars’ logo front and center. It’s been one of the longest running designs for the team, with variations of it being around for over 20 years.

An eye-catching new design

There’s no doubt that its a great, classic theme, but its quite similar to most other teams in the league. The all-over star jersey is eye-catching and something that no other team in the league could pull off. In addition to its striking appearance, it’s notorious to in-the-know fans that remember the 1999 Stanley Cup.

Because of its history and differentiation from a classic hockey jersey, we’re excited to see this design making a return. The new version uses minimalist lines and bigger logos to modernize the old design. It’s a sharp look — one that’s sure to stand out from other teams on the ice.

We’re hopeful that the new design will bring the same good luck that its predecessor did back in the 90s and early 2000s. Maybe it’ll even help the team pull together and win another Stanley Cup next year. At Air Conditioning Dallas, our fingers are crossed that the Stars can do it again. We look forward to keeping you updated as next season comes.

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