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XOXO Dining Room re-opens in Dallas

Champagne Glass Dallas Food
“Champagne” by Sam Howzit is licensed with CC BY 2.0.

In-the-know diners of Dallas beware, XOXO Dining Room has just re-opened in town. We recently saw the upscale restaurant open before the COVID pandemic, but it closed once it became mandatory for eateries across the city. The exciting new spot is sure to be a hit for the social class, with its stylish features and excellent interior design. The dining room features a variety of menu options and a cocktail menu sure to meet any need.

Full of style

XOXO Dining Room is one of the few places in town that does require a dress code. According to their frequently asked questions1, the new restaurant suggests a “stylish, cocktail attire.” This means it’s certainly not the place for shorts or t-shirts to be seen, and you should show up looking your best. It’s a perfect time to pull out that black dress or suit that’s been in the back of your closet since pre-COVID times. While dress codes tend to be viewed as a little too snobbish for some, this one only seems to add to the allure of the already stylish XOXO Dining Room. The space itself features a pastel and plant-heavy environment that’s bound to be the perfect backdrop for that dressed up photo.

Fantastic menu options

This new Dallas restaurant’s menu is sure to be a hit with anyone who stops in. It provides excellent options for date nights, with dishes tailored to the classy diners that are sure to visit, or fantastic and lively options for whole groups. Some of our favorite dishes off XOXO’s menu are the Lobster Ravioli and the Truffle Fried Chicken. Both are pretty cozy, warm dishes as far as food goes, but are perfect for a nice night out.  For the shareables, the avocado tataki, an avocado and tahini dish with trout roe, is to die for.

XOXO’s cocktail menu also has some great options. The “Papi” is made with tequila, lemon, lime and orange juice, jalapenos, pineapple, and agave. Though having quite a few ingredients, each part seems to blend together seamlessly to make a near perfect drink. The “Prohibition” is a great option if you’re looking for a simpler drink. With mescal, bitters, simple syrup, and ice, the cocktail is basically a smokier version of the classic Old Fashioned. Of course, the experienced bartenders at Dallas’s XOXO can make nearly any classic cocktail. The drink menu also features a wide variety of wines and bubbles for those who might not be in the mood for a cocktail. At the XOXO’s new pink booths, which you’ll typically have to reserve with a party of five to six, you’ll even have a button to press when more champagne is needed2.

Plenty of dining options

The new spot will also feature valet parking and space for small events, perfect for COVID-times when gatherings must stay smaller in Dallas. There will also be a new outdoor garden space set to open this fall that’ll be even more beneficial for more wary diners. Whether you’re looking for a perfect date night, a great spot to grab drinks, or a place to throw a small party, be sure to check out XOXO Dining Room for your next outing.

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