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​Everette Harp and Tim Bowman Jazz Show at The Grove

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“Saxophone – Marais” by Vince_Ander is licensed with CC BY 2.0.

Famous jazz musicians, Everette Harp and Tim Bowman, will be playing a lively jazz show in the city as part of the Bishop Arts Jazz Series.
Everette Harp, a Grammy-nominated jazz saxophonist, is most famous for his album “Jazz Funk Soul” and playing a part in the intro song of TV series “Soul Train.” He comes from Houston and first got started with gospel music. Though playing in and being involved with the jazz scene for years, Harp began releasing his own music as early as 1987 with the song “There’s Still Hope.” After more than thirty years in the music industry, Harp will be bringing his amazing talent to The Grove for the jazz show of a lifetime.
A native of Detroit, Tim Bowman is a gospel musician who found his way into the jazz scene. Bowman, much like Everette Harp, got his start in the gospel scene as a young man. After years in music, he has released multiple solo albums since the 1990s. Bowman was featured in the top 20 of Billboard’s Contemporary Jazz charts for his 2008 self-titled album, “Tim Bowman.” Bowman is a talented musician that we cannot wait to see live.
The pairing of Everette Harp and Tim Bowman is sure to be fantastic. The masterful pair will be playing Dallas Zoo’s The Grove on October 10th, and tickets will be for sale on TicketMaster.com.

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