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McKinney’s Red Zeppelin record store is a hit

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“Records” by Will Folsom is licensed with CC BY 2.0.

One of this year’s newest and best additions to McKinney, Red Zeppelin Records brings great music to town. It comes from the same great mind that launched McKinney store, The Groovy Coop. When in-the-know owner Katie Scott saw the opportunity for a new space, she knew exactly what the city needed.

The best new record store in town

Red Zeppelin comes during a difficult time. It opened in the place of another shop that had to close because of the pandemic. When Scott noticed the shop closing near her other store — The Groovy Coop — she immediately knew Red Zeppelin would be a good replacement.

The Groovy Coop is a popular vintage store in town that specializes in art and clothing. It’s got an over-arching hippie vibe, with plenty of tie-dye and enough colors to match anyone’s desires. It also has plenty of knick-knacks, and already has a similar feel to many record stores.

It’s no surprise then that Scott’s next step was to open Red Zeppelin Records. The store fits neatly into her passions, and lends a great deal of character to suburban McKinney. It — like Groovy Coop — has a retro feel that welcomes people from all backgrounds. Red Zeppelin also manages to be one of only a few woman-owned record stores in the state, another great feature.

Katie Scott’s history with Texas

The owner has been involved in the DFW area for a long time. Scott grew up in North Texas and went to college there. She went on to teach at Allen ISD before going off on her own to launch the Groovy Coop. The store has been successful so far and has given Scott the opportunity to get creative. If Red Zeppelin Records turns out anything like the other store, it’ll no doubt be a success.

The new store sells a variety of new and used records. It also sells records from local artists, giving them a unique opportunity to get their names out. So far, Red Zeppelin has maintained an excellent social media campaign. Each day, they highlight a different record based on a theme or inform followers about a musician. Those themes include Punk Tuesdays and Women In Music Wednesdays. Regardless of the music choices that week, followers are sure to find an informative look and some great new music to listen to.

We’re excited to see more of this new record store. We hope it’s able to continue bringing a unique flair to McKinney and provide us with more great music to listen to while we’re stuck inside. Be sure to check it out next time you’re passing through McKinney. You can also find them on Facebook or show support and buy their current records on the Red Zeppelin website.

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