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Dallas schools to consider adding weeks to the school year

After the start of the 2020-2021 school year was postponed due to the unexpected Coronavirus, Dallas ISD administrators are looking into adding up to six weeks to this next school year’s calendar. Since the Coronavirus began, school districts across the nation have been struggling to find ways to effectively educate students while maintaining social distancing and effectively minimizing the spread of the virus.

As Dallas ISD’s plan to offer additional education time to students, officials are proposing adding an additional six weeks to the end of next year. Another potential way to make up for the loss of essential education time this year could be adding summer enrichment once the year is over, which would allow students more targeted learning and assistance. Though these propositions, among other ideas, are still in the brainstorming phase, there will likely be some sort of addition to the next school year for the benefit of educators and their students. 

If all goes according to plan, school administrators and the board will be voting in January 2021 on the best way forward.

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