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Southlake’s star QB de-commits from the Longhorns

Southlake Carroll Dragons Dallas schools
“Southlake Carroll Dragons” by PhilipsPhotos is licensed with CC BY 2.0.

Quinn Ewers of Southlake Carroll has changed plans in his college decision making for 2022. Still a couple years out from graduating and officially having to make a decision, Ewers has just entered his junior year as quarterback for the Southlake Carroll football team. In his three seasons in Southlake, Texas, Quinn has managed to become the highest ranking high school recruit in Texas history.  As of this year, he has also been noted as the top recruit so far for the class of 2022 – another enormous feat for the young quarterback.

Ewers is currently in the midst of his third season playing for his hometown team, and is proving himself to be the top 2022 recruit once again. We have yet to see what will happen with the rest of his junior season, but so far he has shown excellent throwing prowess, great snap judgement, and the rare QB ability to run with the ball. There’s little doubt that the season will continue to be a great one for Ewers.

A multitalented athlete

According to Gabe Brooks, a Midlands region reporting analyst for CBS’s 247 Sports, Quinn is a quarterback that takes just the right amount of risks and is an elite improviser. He’s also an excellent athlete and runner, showing great flexibility in a wide range of scenarios. Brooks believes Ewers has great long-term potential that may even carry him to the NFL one day. He compares Ewers playing style to that of Philip Rivers of the Indianapolis Colts1. Rivers is mostly known for his years of play with the San Diego Chargers and has a 95.1 career passer rating, making him the tenth best of all time in that category among NFL quarterbacks2. In short, if Ewers turns out anything like Philip Rivers, he’ll be just fine in his football career.

Where to next?

The people of Southlake, Texas are overjoyed to see such talent come from their city, and Quinn has been a hit. Presently, the question on everyone following the quarterback has been where he’ll go next. According to 247 Sports, Quinn has received offers from multiple universities, the most prominent being the University of Texas. In addition to that, he’s also gotten offers from Ohio State and twenty-nine other schools across the United States. In August of this year, Quinn committed to the Texas Longhorns, but proceeded to de-commit just recently on October 28th.

On his Twitter account the same day, Quinn released a statement explaining his decision to de-commit. In it, he basically details that he did not feel that he’d explored enough of his options and other offers before committing to Texas – and wanted to take the appropriate amount of time to do so. We have yet to see what university he’ll eventually commit with, but plan to keep you updated as we find out more. As fans of all things Texas, we’re sad to see him potentially go, but are excited to follow Southlake’s football prodigy as he advances throughout his career.

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