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Dallas’ Police Chief Race

Police lights dallas city council
“Police lights jason rojas flickr” by Provisions is licensed with CC BY 2.0.

The new race for Dallas’ next police chief began back in September, after the current chief announced her resignation. When Chief Ulysha Renee Hall decided it was time to move on, 7 standout cops stood out for the job. The majority of candidates come from the Dallas Police Department, but there are some from outside as well. City Manager Broadnax will make the decision for Dallas‘s next chief of police by the end of this month.

Police chief Hall leaving

Chief Hall will be finishing out the end of this year in her current role, but will be leaving the department at the end of this year. Some believe her decision to leave is related to the recent police protests. The year 2020 saw many speak out against police brutality, including members of the city council. She stated that she had received other offers elsewhere. Regardless of the reason, she turned in her resignation letter on September 8th.

The next police chief will undoubtedly have great tasks ahead of them. From dealing with the continued effects of police protest, to continuing the efforts to minimize crime in the city, the next chief will have their hands full. All of the new candidates are undoubtedly knowledgeable, effective, and up for the task. Here, we’ve listed all of the finalists for the role.

Dallas’ police chief candidates

  • Avery Moore. Dallas’s current assistant police chief, Moore has been with the department for 30 years. Starting in 1990, Moore has led multiple initiatives and divisions, including the SWAT team. He’s also an instructor for Dallas PD. Certainly knowledgeable and familiar with the city, it’s no surprise that Moore is a top candidate.
  • RaShall Brackney. The current chief of Charlottesville, Virginia, Brackney knows her way around difficult situations. She’s handled protests as Charlottesville’s chief and has almost 40 years of law enforcement experience. Due to her experience, Brackney is another of the top choices.
  • Al Martinez. This one comes as some surprise. Martinez is current head of security for Dallas’ Catholic Diocese. He’s a retired Dallas PD veteran as well. With many years behind him, Martinez was a known leader in the department. He was well-liked too, so there’s little doubt that Martinez would be a good choice.
  • Jeff Spivey. Jeff is the current chief of police in Irving, Texas. He’s been there for years, and is known for caring about the well-being of his community and his officers. He promotes mental health and calls out injustice when he sees it. He could also be a great candidate, especially given this past year’s challenges.
  • Malik Aziz. Aziz has been in leadership for years with Dallas PD. He was a deputy chief under the previous chief, and has held other command roles. He’s ran for police chief a couple of times now, and there’s no reason why he’d be a bad choice.
  • Ruben Ramirez. Ruben is currently a deputy chief with Dallas’ police department. He oversees many and also has a history of leadership with the department. Interestingly, Ramirez aided in multiple cases and bills on the legal side of police work. With his range of experience, Ramirez is a qualified candidate.
  • Eddie Garcia. Our last candidate, Garcia is the now-retired chief of San Jose, California. Garcia reformed his own department when Latino civilians needed protecting, and has a penchant for caring about his officers. Due to Garcia’s concern for minorities and willingness to put in the work, he’s an excellent choice as well.

Police chief race ending soon

The race should be over by the end of this month. Whoever City Manager Broadnax chooses for the role, we’re certain they’ll be a fantastic pick.

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