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New “Solterra” community planned for Mesquite

Texas-based Huffines Communities has recently announced plans to build a massive master-planned community in Mesquite. The community will be placed on the site of Lucas Farms, and be built around the existing farmland and orchards. The new community will be the largest that Mesquite has ever seen.

The master planned community, named Solterra, will feature 3900 new homes and be built on nearly fifteen-hundred acres of land. It will be built on Lucas Farms’ farmland, but will incorporate aspects from the historic farm to keep its integrity. In addition to the homes, Huffine Communities has plans to build fishing lakes and miles of hiking and biking trails for residents. One of its most prominent features will be the massive swimming pool that features a beach and play areas for the community’s children. Solterra will also partner with the local ISD to offer schooling to children within the community. The neighborhood will also feature a full coffee shop, fitness center, clubhouses, and offices for its residents. In typical Huffines Communities fashion, parts of the neighborhood will be organized into “villages” to promote friendliness among nearby neighbors. Apart for visits to the grocery store, the neighborhood plans to give its residents very little reason to leave and seems to have it all.

Solterra’s creator, Huffines Communities, has been building in Texas since 1997, organized by brothers Donald and Phillip Huffines. The company only builds master-planned communities, passionate about a holistic approach to neighborhood design. In that holistic approach, Huffines pays attention to every detail, applying their touch to anything from home design to manhole covers. The company also places heavy emphasis on their entrances, typically placing lakes or some other calming feature near the openings of their communities. Huffines has already designed multiple communities throughout Texas, including the Heartland neighborhood in Heartland and the Inspiration neighborhood of St. Paul, both of which have won the Dallas Builder’s Association’s McSam Award.

Huffines plans to have the first phase of Solterra built by 2022, which will include around seven hundred homes and the central amenity center that will house the offices, clubhouses, and a fitness center. The company has stated that they want to make open space a priority for the neighborhood, so it is sure to feel like a part of Texas.

The new neighborhood will be the largest master-planned community that Mesquite has ever seen. As a suburb of Dallas, Mesquite has seen many Dallas residents move in as they attempt to move away from the hustle and bustle of crowded Dallas. As more of these residents move in, more housing is necessary to keep up with the influx and growth of Mesquite. With almost four thousand homes planned, Solterra is sure to be essential to house these new residents and provide a space for them to live their lives. We look forward to watching the development of this brand-new, all-encompassing community and to seeing what it will bring to Mesquite.

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