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TCU Football Season Ends

Football field TCU Dallas
“New Football Field” by designsbykari is licensed with CC BY 2.0.

Despite having to deal with COVID, player transfers, and more, Texas Christian University pulled off a fantastic regular season. They ended the season on December 12th, with a win against rival team Louisiana Tech. The win came as no surprise for this year’s excellent team, but it proved to have its own memorable moments.

A fantastic football season for TCU

This year’s regular season ends with a final tally of 6 wins and 4 losses under legendary head coach, Gary Patterson. With Patterson in charge, Ft. Worth‘s favorite college football team has seen some of its greatest highlights over the years. This season, though a major struggle for sports in general, was no exception for Patterson’s team.

The team managed to be one of the few to not have any games postponed this season. Through careful management and each member following safety procedures, the team stayed safe. We’re thankful they did, because it meant we didn’t have to go long before seeing the Horned Frogs at any point.

TCU’s perfect season end

TCU played some fantastic games this season. The finale, a face-off against Louisiana Tech, proved to be a perfect game to showcase the team’s skill. Though not the most challenging of teams for the Frogs, it provided enough of a challenge for key players to prove themselves. Some of the team’s freshman came to play this time around too. It gave us the chance to see what’s to come for the next few years. Watching the last game, we’re more than hopeful for newcomers Quentin Johnson and Zach Evans.

The game also saw the final regular season game for lineman Garrett Wallow. He’s been an excellent player and an important figure to all of his teammates. His defensive line held its own in the game, keeping Louisiana Tech from scoring until the end of the game.

We’ll still see the Horned Frogs facing off against one of their rivals in a bowl game, but it has yet to be announced. We plan to keep you updated as more details are revealed. For now, we’ll be celebrating the excellent season we saw this year — and missing the players who won’t be with us next year.

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