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TCU Fall Semester Sees COVID Challenges

Staff at Texas Christian University have made a call for better COVID safety-precautions to be put in place by the school’s leadership. The school recently began its Fall 2020 semester in August and saw a sharp uptick in the number of cases, with over 400 new ones reported at the beginning of September.

Members of the staff reached out to school officials to see about minimizing the number of physical classes being held to shorten the overall spread of the seemingly uncontrollable virus. Though several members of the faculty are pushing for this change, it appears that the primary group pushing for change is TCU’s chapter of the American Association of University Professors.

The school’s chancellor, Victor Boschini, defended actions being taken by the university’s leadership. Boschini states that the CDC’s guidelines are being followed by the school, but students themselves have to be more mindful first.

Presently, the school’s start to the football season has been pushed back as well due to concerns about COVID.

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