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Dallas Stars 2021 Season Off to a Rough Start

The Dallas Stars began the 2021 season on a high note. The NHL team, representing the DFW area, started the season with a winning streak. Shortly after, though, the Stars found themselves struggling to keep up against their rivals. The team seemed to have lost its initial confidence, making us worried for the outcome of the rest of the season.

Dallas Stars’ 2021 season openers

When the 2021 NHL season first began, the Stars were pitted against the Nashville Predators for two games. Shortly after, they were up against the Detroit Red Wings for another couple of games. All four of the games were played at home, where the Stars are most comfortable.

The Stars showed out in their season opener games. Denis Gurianov and Joe Pavelski led the team against the Predators and the Red Wings. Pavelski, an NHL veteran and the highest US-born playoff scorer in the league, played strongly on the ice. Gurianov pulled out all the stops against the Red Wings, in his signature, lightning-fast play style. Overall, the entire team played excellently together when led by Pavelski and Gurianov. Despite an upbeat start to the 2021 Stars’ season, the team took a turn for the worse after these first games.

2021 Dallas Stars games take a turn

After winning their first four games of 2021 at home, the Dallas Stars finally played an away game. The team’s fifth and sixth games were faceoffs with the Carolina Hurricanes. Both games saw the Stars lose the confidence they had in earlier games. Joe Pavelski only scored 1 point and Denis Gurianov scored 0 between both games. Dallas seemed to have lost their touch when it came time to play out of town, especially in the fifth game. When it came time for their second round against the Hurricanes, they appeared to have regained some of it.

The team went on to play five more games away and at home. They played the Columbus Blue Jackets and the Chicago Blackhawks two times each, winning once against the Blue Jackets and losing the other 3 games. The fifth game saw a faceoff once again with the Carolina Hurricanes. This time playing at home, the Stars still couldn’t manage a win. Game 6 will be taking place on February 13th, with the Stars at home playing the Hurricanes one more time.

Stars 2021 season still in the beginning

When they play Carolina once again on Saturday, we’ll see if the Stars have what it takes. Hopefully this time, they’re able to pull together and use their combined talent to boost Dallas in the 2021 NHL standings. With 11 games so far, the Dallas Stars still have 71 games left this season. The 2021 season is still only just in its beginning stages, so we’re excited to see how the team develops over the next several games.

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