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Dallas City Council Steps Up With Winter Storm

Just last week, Dallas, along with much of Texas and its surrounding states, took the brunt of a record-breaking winter storm. Power, water, or gas were out of commission for millions across the state. Temperatures dropped into the negatives at night, making Texas even colder than states known for their cold, like Alaska. Texas, used to warmer average temperatures, was not prepared for what would come. Though the storm caused disaster all over, Dallas’ City Council stepped up big to show their commitment to residents.

On February 14th, Valentine’s Day, the state saw its first extreme low temperatures. The 14th was only the start, as the next few days would only drop more. On the following Tuesday night, temperatures would get down to -2 degrees. That was the first time since 1949 that the temperature dropped so low in Dallas. The low temperatures affected many people whose homes weren’t ready for extreme cold.

City Council relief for Dallas, Texas

Soon after the freezing winter storm hit Dallas, City Council members left the safety of their homes to help. Several of the tasks they carried out were far beyond their job responsibilities. These council members exemplified the traits they were originally elected for. They revealed that they care deeply for the well-being of their community by taking those extra steps.

The power grid failed in many places across Dallas when the storm hit, not able to hold up to the weather. Because of the power failure, affected residents had pipes freeze. Not only were many without heated homes, but no water too. Several council members took part in coordinated efforts to get supplies out to those residents in need. Some drove around, checking in on folks, while others managed the relief mission.

Dallas City Council looks into power outages

Many City Council members in Dallas, along with other state politicians, are upset and angry about the failure of the state’s power grid. They’re currently pushing for investigations into why it was so unprepared, hoping that they can prevent future problems. Regardless, these council members are revealing what Texans are all about — caring for each other.

We’re certainly thankful for the hard work our local politicians are putting in, and even more thankful that they care so much about Dallas, Texas. We look forward to keeping you up-to-date with more Dallas City Council news.

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